Alexander Munkhbold
Date of birth:2232
Date of death:N/A
Mass:250 lbs
Occupation:Super Villain
Status:Based in Colorado

Alexander Munkhbold is a shadow in the shape of a man, a being who gazed into the darkness inside his own soul and was utterly obliterated in the process. The thing that now plots and schemes in his place has grand designs on the world, executed at the turn of The Golden Wheel.


Alexander is the descendant of one Dr. Arslan Munkhbold, a Dartmouth research scientist and DIA asset working on a number of bleeding edge projects centered around adaptation to a post-nuclear world. In the wee hours of October 23, 2077 he was expectantly ordered onto a flight taking him from New Hampshire to Colorado. What exactly his handlers at DIA intended for him was never answered, because just as he was to be debriefed the Great War broke out. Arslan and his family just became part of the crowd in Silverton, Colorado. Separated from his laboratory and equipment, he dedicated himself to passing his scientific acumen to future generations.

Alexander is generations removed from Arslan, and is himself no scientist. Rather he was an honest businessman, operating Bright Star Express with his long time girlfriend, Iveta Ozols. One day he had to perform a delivery personally, due to a shortage of couriers. While on the road he encountered the campsite of Rolento Hawke, a wandering mystic. The two spoke at length, and Rolento offered Alexander a draw from a pipe filled with a mind-altering substance, offering to talk him through a spirit quest. Alex partook and allowed his mind to be carried off on Rolento's words. However his trip took a dark turn, and he became lost in his own subconscious which took the shape of a room between worlds. Here, he was confronted with a sort of Jungian shadow, an id-driven double of himself. This encounter went poorly, and Alex experienced a complete gestalt collapse, his ego rupturing and tearing into fragments. He perceived his shadow-self stepping in, subsuming him.

When Alexander's eyes opened, he was a new man. He thanked Rolento for "drawing him across the threshold," then ran off into the darkness of the Colorado wilderness. He did not return to Silverton for many days.


Bright Star Express


Munkhbold is a man of obvious Asian ancestry of average height. Prior to the foundation of the Golden Wheel, he was thin and typically clean shaven. Long hours of glaring at terminal screens and maps in his radio bunker have made him soft and flabby, and he's allowed himself to grow out a thick beard. He dresses comfortably, favoring a robe, house coat and moccasins.


Originally, Alexander was a genial, good humored man. He erred on the side of friendliness and was a well regarded member of the community of Silverton. Since his transformation, he has become aloof and reclusive, barely interacting with anyone besides Iveta. He is extremely calculating, and seems to somehow possess knowledge and aptitudes that are not accounted for in his past life.