"Don't get on their bad side, or they'll rip your face off."
―A Guard talking about Apeshit

Date of
Created via:Radioactive Mutation

Originally chimpanzees raised by Martha Lore in Martha's Gulch, Apeshit were created by radiation after war that made their hair fall out. Apeshit have spread throughout Cascadia since their creation but are most common around the Olympian Peninsula.


A typical Apeshit is the size of a small child, and it has a mottled pink skin. Their eyes are dark, almost black, though some do have lighter colored eyes. Their meat is highly-prized by Oregon tribals, and their bones are very useful for tribals in dress and rituals. A group of Apeshit is often loud enough to be heard from miles away, and wastelanders do their best to avoid those groups unless they want their genitals torn off.

Physical Characteristics

The post-War apeshit resembles the pre-War common chimpanzee very closely besides the apeshit's hairless coat. Also, the apeshit is on average slightly bulkier than its ancestor.


Apeshit are sociable creatures and prefer to travel in family groups rather than be alone. These family groups are fiercely territorial and will attack perceived intruders to their territory, human or apeshit. However, normally apeshit will not go out of their way to attack humans or other apeshit.

Apeshit are rather intelligent and have been known to make simple tools out of sticks and stones. They are not known to do this often, but the apeshit will display some intelligence on occasion. Wastelanders have sometimes experimented on Apeshit to see how intelligent they are, but no evidence of anything close to sentience has been found in these mutants yet.


Apeshit are omnivores, similar to humans, eating plants and the occasional fruit while also preying upon wasteland creatures such as giant rats, geckos, radroaches, and even sometimes even ghouls. They are adept scavengers, digging through ruins to search for pre-War goodies.

Offensive Capabilities

The offensive capabilities of apeshit are considerable, because of their strength and sharp teeth. They usually cannot take on wastelanders head to head but might attack if they are in a group.

Defensive Capabilities

Apeshit can defend themselves with their strength and can make a speedy escape if necessary. If the Apeshit is in their forest habitat, they will scramble up a tree to escape danger.


Apeshit keep the forests of Cascadia, avoiding open wasteland and coastlines. This is a survival mechanism, as apeshit are much better adapted to forests. Apeshit can make do whether they are in the trees or on the ground, being comfortable in both locations as another means of survival.