"Read all about it folks! Custer's forces making push for Rapid City, raiders in trouble!"
―Tilcox drumming up business
Archie Tilcox
Archie Tilcox
Date of birth:2262
Blood type:AB+
Occupation:Reporter, Printer
Status:exposing "the Truth"

A young, intrepid reporter from Smithsforge, Archie Tilcox is one of the few trustworthy sources of news for the people of Tall Town. Whether reporting troop movements or investigating slavery rings, nothing is off-limits for this journalist, though he does take "friendly advice" from the New-Merican Society.


Archard Lizz Tilcox was born in Smithsforge to a pair of caravanner parents, who treasured their son above their relative wealth. He, unfortunately, would never know this as they died from Typhoid Fever when he was two, leaving him orphaned. The orphan was taken in by Oliver Grady, a friend of the Tilcox' and member of the New-Merican Society, who raised him as if he was his own son. Having two other sons already, Oliver was in practice and would teach Archard to read and write by age eight.

He would often be brought by his 'father' to meetings of the Society where he acted as a secretary, recording the broad strokes. As he grow older others in the town began to noticed his passion for the written word and began to use it for various purposes, though it was usually for advertisements. When he was eighteen Archie would be approached by an engineer from Smithsforge, who offered to help him, if he helped her.

She explained that a small group of merchants had begun to run a smear campaign against her because of her opposition to their trade deals. She wanted Archie to expose them and clear her name, something he initially laughed at. She continued to press him until he relented, and the pair went to Smithsforge to deal with the merchants. After two weeks of shady meetings and late night interviews, Archie had enough material to publish a small report showing the corruption and underhandedness of these people.

The exposé had the intended effect and the merchants were strung up, and the engineer's reputation restored. She would then honor her end of the deal and presented Archie with a small printing press that she had repaired. Since then Archie has traveled the region, gathering news and reporting the lives of those he finds, stopping at nothing in this pursuit. He hesitates to publish anything about the New-Mericans however, both due to his father's membership, their caring for him, and the prospect of being run out of town.


Archie is a spunky, upbeat young man who always tries to find the bright side of a situation, though that is sometimes difficult. He is gregarious and warm to strangers and friends alike, though his job tends to alienate others from him. He also holds a special love for the New-Mericans, viewing them as an extended family.