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The State Flag
General Information
Establishment: June 15, 1836
Disestablishment: October 23, 2077
Status: Unknown
Location Information
Location: United States of America
Societal Information
Population: Unknown
Factions: Ozark Riders, Klansmen Confederacy
Notable Events: Unknown
Regnat Populus/The People Rule— State Motto

Arkansas is the only other state in the Texas Commonwealth besides Texas itself. It was the 25th state to be admitted into the United States of America.

Geographical Regions

Western Arkansas

Mountainous country within the ruined Great Ouachita Forest, it borders the state of Oklahoma.

North Eastern Arkansas

North Eastern Arkansas is very flat and fertile, also home to many swarms of Bloodbugs, it borders Tennessee and Missouri.

South Arkansas

South Arkansas is a mix of almost every other part of Arkansas, it borders Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Central Arkansas

Central Arkansas is very mountainous and houses the Capital, Little Rock


Arkansas was first Discovered in 1541, by Hernando de Soto a Spanish Explorer, in 1681 French explorers founded the small settlement of Arkansas Post at a native village in 1686, on July 4, 1819, the Territory of Arkansas was formed and by June 15, 1836, was made the 25th state and 13th slave state. The state is the second poorest state. Farms the most rice in the nation before the War Arkansas was the head state of Agriculture in the US.





One story recounts that a Tennessean, after a single day in the then almost impenetrable tangle of cypress, briars, and canebreaks, pestered by myriads of mosquitoes, and bogged in the heavy gumbo mud, declared: 'Arkansas is not part of the world for which Jesus Christ died—I want none of it.'— ?
D--n me, stranger, ef you can't stay as long as you please, and I'll give you plenty to eat and drink. Play away, stranger, you kin sleep on the dry spot tonight!— ?