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The Australian Commonwealth was the sixth largest country in the world before the Great War. Its economy was based around the export of raw mineral and animal products to the United States, China and South East Asian Nations. It held close relations with the United States and the United Kingdom and was actively supporting the United States Military in their war against China.


Australia was first settled in 1788 by the United Kingdom. Until the mid-1800s, it was primarily a penal colony, in which British prisoners were ship to the colonies of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. It gained independence in 1901 and was a noteworthy participant in the First and Second World Wars.

After the Second World War, the nation aligned with the United States of America. During the Resource Wars, Australia's colony, Papua and New Guinea, was invaded by the communist Chinese, who attempted to use it as a stepping stone to reach Queensland and the Northern Territory. This conflict was ongoing by the time of the Great War.


See Australian Defence Force for more information

The Australian Defence Force was a small, professional fighting force, consisting of the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Army. It was the primary offensive and defensive force of the Australian Commonwealth.


The Australian Commonwealth was structured into five states and three territories before the war.


Since the war, other regions have developed around particular dense areas of settlement. These hubs are:

Pre-War Nations