Basilisks are the result of a mixture of FEV and radioactive waste mutating reptiles that inhabited sewers and zoos. This mutation caused these animals to grow at an alarming rate, and allowed their eyes to mutate to the point of a hypnotic gaze. A bioluminescent glow flashs from the pupils, called by docters as "Photo-hypnotic flashs" which stimulates areas of the brain that cause the feelings of confusion. This parrallels the mythic creature it was named after.

The Baskilisk

The Deadly Basilisk


The deadly basilisk can induce a hypnotic state of fogginess as a way of sneaking up on prey. They are coated with scales that protect their thick hide skin, and have three rows of sharp teeth. They can dash at a speed of 20MPH for a minimum of 50 seconds as they are known for conserving their energy for big prey (i.e Humans). Coldblooded, the basilisks are also known for being attracted by light and heat.