Bayou Comet Trade Consortium
Organizational Information
Owned By:Equally split between Guiseppe Bosco, Trever Ingleton, and Horritz Mankov.
General Information
Headquarters:Reclaimed plantation in the bayou
Historical Information
Founded by:Guiseppe Bosco, Trever Ingleton, and Horritz Mankov.
Industry:Recreational chemicals, alcohol, and food
A recent entry into the bustling markets of The Big Easy, Bayou Comet offers a variety of products to it's discerning customers. Whether chems, booze, or food, they can be sure that it is up to it's creators personnel standards.


Originally envisioned to fund further exploration of the Wasteland, the Bayou Comet Trade Consortium was established June 9th, 2279, by a trio of explorers; Horritz Mankov, a fugitive chemist wanted for selling a bomb that killed seven; Trever Ingleton, a former Architect; and Guiseppe Bosco, a brewer from the east. The three had met in a small bar in Alabama and had decided to stick together. They headed west from there, eventual wandering around the bayous of Acadiana.

They would stumble upon a derelict plantation, partially submerged but still stable. They would camp there for the night, using the time to turn their goods into more a more portable form. Mankov began cooking some Med-x and Buffout, while the others explored the rest of the property. They found several Mirelurk clusters, as well as two outbuildings. They stayed three days, coming to like the building and the area. They decided to stay for a season, and Ingleton began directing their repairs.

They would have the house drained within a week and went about adding dirt near to the foundation. A group of Mirelurks would attack during one of these shoring sessions, which the trio managed to ward off with their tools until they could get to their weapons. In retaliation they would slaughter four clusters of the creatures, only leaving two to feed on. To this end they constructed a fence around the shacks the mirelurks had nested in.

With that problem settled, they drifted into New Orleans on a crude raft to sell their chems and meat. They made a small profit, which they reinvested into wood, copper, pipes, and ammo. They returned home and began making additions, the most notable of which was a small still in the basement. Bosco would soon take over the use of it while Mankov would focus on chems. For his part, Ingleton managed to assist both as well as make some crude bowls.

Needing a name, they named themselves after Bosco's drink. Since then, Bayou Comet has been another competitor in the packed and busy markets.


Jetski: a Jet derivative, in this case, harvested from the feces of Mirelurks.

Green Comet: distilled from fermented Glowing Fungi and bits of Mirelurk for 'flavor' this brew has proved popular with sailors and privateers.

Mirelurk cuts: Managing to pen and semi-domesticate four mirelurks, the traders are free to hunt every other creature they see, assured of a viable population.

Shell bowls and dinnerware: having a pile of shells after cleaning a lurk, one of the three will occasionally make them into different pieces of dinnerware.