A surly, ill-tempered man suffering from a near perpetual sunburn, Beuaregard is a customs collector for The Royaume. Often shirtless and swearing, he is a familiar sight to the Rafters of the Mississippi River.

Beuaregard Arcxitello
Bierbauch - Köze
Date of birth:2242
Blood type:b+
Occupation:customs collector


Beuaregard was born a few months after the Royaume seized power, his mother was a waitress and his father was a minor thug for one of the slain bosses. Beuaregard's earliest memories would be his parents taking him to hear a proclamation from the Roi, and all the pomp involved. As a child and teen he would roam the streets of The Big Easy, finding pleasure and trouble at every turn. As he reached adulthood however his parents told him it was time for him to get out on his own.

He would find a small shack for rent near the docks, the sound of privateers and sailors cavorting all night flowing through the thin walls. Employment would be harder to find, as he had no skills or training, but fortune would smile upon him. He would be approaches by a relatively well dressed man, who asked if he could use some money. Wary of that question in New Orleans, Beuaregard asked the man what he wanted.

The man explained that he was with the Royaume, and they needed a body to help them on the docks. In no place to refuse, Beuaregard accepted, and began his career as a customs collector. The twenty-seven years in-between have seen him gather thousands for the Royaume, very little of which he would be paid with, and age. He currently is looking for other employment, but few places want a gruff customs collector.


Bruaregard was a normal if excitable child and teen, but the constant tedium of his job and the lack of promotion has made him cynical and bitter, often projecting his troubles on the merchants that he interacts with.


Beuaregard is a brunette man of average height, with a paunchy build. He is often shirtless which aggravates his near perpetual sunburn. He often wears shorts and boots, though he will be fully dressed if he knows a noble is coming.

The Royaume
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