Blood Gecko
Horned lizard defense

Blood Geckos are descendants of Horned Lizards, but many travelers confuse them with geckos due to similar body type and how they come in groups.


Though fairly common in Texas, they are hardly noticed due to their natural camouflage. Blood Geckos usually attack when the prey is near and spray their own blood from their eyes at the target and then start biting. On the bright side, they don't really target groups of humans due to the threat they pose, but attacks on children and groups of three are not unheard of. Blood Geckos if born or have constant contact with humans, they will tend to ignore them, also they tend to only hunt insects or small creatures in order to prevent conflict with more powerful foes.

Offensive Capabilities

Surprise attacks, a long powerful tongue, small horns for charging, blood can cause serious infection and a nasty bite.

Defensive Capabilities

Great natural camouflage, thick hide, sharp scales, above average speed of a human, and the ability to squirt blood from their eyes in a 7 yard range, with excellent accuracy.

Hunting Info

Hunting these bastards is tough, because their camouflage and blood squirting defense makes it hard to get these lizards in your cross-hairs, but you can wear goggles and glasses to protect yourself from their blood. A great reason for hunting them is that their hide makes excellent and durable camouflage. Their eggs are considered delicious and are nutritious, but many buy them and let them hatch so they can fight the local ant population. Their blood can be used to deter most predators away and makes a fine sauce if other ingredients are added.


Giant Blood Gecko

The name says it all, these Blood geckos are more dangerous and get confused with boulders. They also act more aggressively and stand about eleven feet tall.


Slightly larger than the average Blood Gecko and they spend most of their time in the hot sun near bodies of water, heating up liquids in their eye sacs. They squirt the heated liquid from their eyes, in a large spray, usually blinding and shocking their targets. Most are blind due to the hot liquids burning their eyes and that pain causes major aggression.