"Your 'just in time' provider."
―Company tagline
Bright Star Express
Political Information
Group type:Courier Service
Leader Title:Postmaster
Leader:Iveta Ozols
Societal Information
Location(s):Silverton, Colorado
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:deliver parcels in a timely fashion
Bright Star Express (BSE) is a mail delivery service based in Silverton, Colorado servicing the American Wasteland west of the mighty Mississippi. It has also become a front or proxy for The Golden Wheel.


The company was formed by Valdis Ozols in 2251. Valdis was an independent courier who plied his trade on both solo sojourns and with caravans. When Caesar's Legion pacified much of the southwest and made it safe for commercial traffic, he was well poised to take advantage by trading on his good name with investors familiar with his reliable nature. He took out a loan from some merchants and formed Bright Star Express, taking on five other employees to open offices at their first destinations. Valdis's innovation was to have each office outfitted with a radio mast, and each of his couriers equipped with radios. Though expensive, the improvement in communications allowed BSE to update customers as to the progress of their packages and helped the couriers avoid bad turns in weather and circumstance. Valdis was able to finish paying off his loans in 15 years, just in time to perish from heart disease and pass the enterprise along to his daughter Iveta.

Iveta and her boyfriend Alexander Munkhbold continued to run the business, expanding its service area until they were able to run packages from Washington to Texas. In 2270, Munkhbold had a life-altering encounter with Rolento Hawke, and began advising Iveta on some additional ways to exploit their business. Using the nearly unparalleled communications of the BSE to collect information, they were able to become incredibly successful caravan speculators. This fortune would be the foundation of The Golden Wheel, making Bright Star Express its founding proxy.