Flag of California
General Information
Location:United States of America
Establishment:September 9, 1850
Disestablishment:October 23, 2077
Population:700,000+ Est.
Notable Individuals:Amos Hennigan, Eric Haganey
Factions:NCR Army
Notable events:2189: New California Republic is established with Aradesh as its first President.
―State Motto
California, the Golden State, was the 31st state to be admitted into the United States of America. It was the only state to be divided into two separate Commonwealths. The New California Republic, founded in 2189, dominates the old state as of 2281.


Northern California

Other than the northern boundary of the state of Shady, most of Northern California is a variety of organized incorporated territories and unorganized territories.

Southern Coast

Once one of the most densely populated regions in the country, it presently home to the NCR states of Dayglow and Los Angeles.


Northwest Commonwealth

Southwest Commonwealth