• Darthfish

    I'll start this off with a quote from OvaltinePatrol on the Discord:

    I've noticed this trend of fanon ghettos. I'm curious as to why people would come to a wiki that explicitly operates under the concert of a shared setting, only to ignore the content of other users.

    For some instances in the past, it can simply be put down to a failure to read the rules or anything else, and those writers usually leave in short order. But it happens with people who stick around too.

    There is a reason why; in fact, there are four that I can think of immediately. These are based on my observations of the site and its people in action, interactions with other members and my own experience running other fanon wikis.

    1) Users do not care about the overall Tranquility Lane world. This is a harsh statement, but it is the truth. The site is called It's a Fallout fanon wiki. People come here to write their personal Fallout fanon. New users aren't interested in joining a part of a joined, sha…

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  • Daytebayte

    I've decided to share control of all my articles with Darthfish and KayEmm so that in the off-chance that something happens to me they can carry on my great work without me. I mean, I said this all a long time ago, but now I'm making it formal. Or something.

    Peace out, Deiselnurdlers.

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  • Daytebayte

    Here's some interesting things that J.E. Sawyer himself had to say on the Legion.

    Edward Sallow created Caesar's Legion as an imitation of the Roman Legion, but without any of the Roman society that supported the Roman Legion. I've written this before, but there are no optimates, no populares, no plebes, no equestrians, no patricians, no senate, no Rome. There's no right to private property (within the Legion itself). There's no civil law. There aren't even the ceremonial trappings of Roman society. Legates don't receive triumphs following a victory. No one in the Legion retires to a villa in Sedona. Soldiers in Caesar's Legion don't have personal freedom. They "get" to fight and die for Caesar. It's not a volunteer military, though many legionaries are born or raised into it, so they are effectively brainwashed. It's essentially a Roman legion with only the very top commander having any connection to the "source" culture, the rest being indoctrinated conscripts from cultures that were…

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