Cazadores del Dragón
Cazadores del Dragón
Political Information
Group type:Mob
Leader:various Chem Dealers
Societal Information
Location(s):throughout Distrito Capital, Tamaulipas
Historical Information
Founded:when needed
Dissolved:after they aren't useful anymore
Policy Information
Life and war are brutal things in Distrito Capital, made even worse by addiction. Cazadores embody all three in the worst way.


Addicts have been used as extra muscle on occasions since before the Great War, but it has picked up enormously after it. The constant battles and skirmishes between the factions and the various gangs are just another example of this. The first memorable use of them in a large way as far as anyone can remember, was in 2255 by Los Aviadores, who promised their jet customers six free vials if they helped kill their rivals Los Knuckle Niños.

Aviadores gave the ones who agreed psycho along with jet to get them high and aggressive then gave them clubs and knives and told them to attack from the front so the gang could get behind them. The addicts charged the front door of the apartment building, being met with only a few blasts of gunfire in defense when they were almost at the door. On the inside, the Cazadores were impervious to pain and used their weapons savagely and swiftly, so when the Aviadores entered through the back they found their rivals torn apart, sometimes literally.

After that the other gangs began to use the tactic, letting the Cazadores run in and soak up the bullets as they got closer. Fernando Henendez had unified half of Ciudad Mante in 2266 by only using this method; he was able to afford the chems because he ran a lab and produced much of them. He would die by one Cazadore after he refused to give him a free hit when asked.

Situations like this are why Cazadores are a double-edged sword, as rivals often hear about the Cazadores before and often bribe them with a better deal to betray their employers. Despite this, however, Cazadore Shockwaves remain a widely used tactic across the region.