Chartreuse Neeeeow
Date of birth:2257
Date of death:2280
Mass:200 lbs.
Race:Human Mutant
Status:Buried in Stanton, Texas


Chartreuse was born underneath the ruins of Sweetwater, in one of the hidden dens of the Scraphounds, one of the few children actually born to the tribe in his generation. A poorly secured bit of metal launched into a wall by a table saw inspired his name. Chartreuse spent much of his childhood in hiding, protected from the rival WASPs. He aided his tribe by sorting the pickings of the scavengers, organizing the scraps and learning through observation and experimentation. He was fond of collecting lengths of wire that still had colored insulation.

When he was old enough to reliably wield the traditional tribal weapons, he was introduced to the surface world; where he tagged along on hunting trips, tribal scuffles with the WASPs, and raids. On one raid, he found a holotape containing industrial music; an obscure and unpopular form of music before the Great War, it suited the Scraphounds fine. This was taken as an omen of possible greatness, and Chartreuse was given a chance to lead a small war band.


Chartreuse and his band were killed in an altercation with a Salt Clan caravan outside the old monastery at Stanton, blasted to bits by Charles Santini's plasma rifle.


Chartreuse was a very tall, very lanky specimen; with dull, greenish-grey skin, brown eyes, and a shock of ash colored hair. He hid his features underneath a burlap mask and dark goggles. One of his legs was slightly longer than the other, making it difficult for him to run; the main reason he favored his chariot.

Abilities & Skills

Chartreuse was a passable fighter, good enough to lead his small band at the very least; but his talents were more attuned to mechanics, engineering, and electronics. He designed and built the chariot he used in his raids, and repaired a radio disc player to working order.


Chartreuse's prized possession was a molerat driven chariot built from scrap materials. When out on raids or other business, he would wear a suit of stylized chain-and-metal armor. He counted a large combination spanner and a creaky assault rifle among his primary weapons.




"SALTS are DOUBLE-DEALERS! You trade with Scraphounds AND WASPs! Firago always say 'eyes slideways, eat the shit sandwich' cause we need Salt brass, but not this time! We trade my way, right now or you fucking become Harbinger shit tonight!"
―Chartreuse's last words.

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