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this is actually a nice town if you ignore all the meat heads.— Cheyanne talking to a traveler

A concerned resident of Portland, Cheyanne avoids the factions to help the vulnerable. Having grown up in the ruins, she has seen addiction ruin lives firsthand, to this end she works to help others escape Chem abuse.


Cheyanne was born into a family of farmers and scavengers in late 2259. Her childhood was typical of many wasteland youth; having to work at an early age to support the family, with play and fun intermixed. This changed when she was twelve, and her brother Wyatt overdosed on Buffout. Cheyanne had known that he took chems, but thought nothing of it until her parents told her the news. She was devastated by this, as despite her brother being ten years older, he was the one that she had connected with the most, and held his loss inside.

This began to manifest during her teenage years, with Cheyanne joining with a group of malcontent youths from nearby homes, who took to exploring the ruins, smashing windows and expressing their frustrations through petty vandalism. Despite the repeated warnings and lectures her family gave her about her friends, Cheyanne felt comfortable with the group, which lead to her own chem use.

Despite promising herself and her family that she wouldn't use chems, she was offered a vial of jet by one of her peers in 2275 and accepted it. While initially only wanting to remain in a favorable light, she was soon overwhelmed by euphoria by the substance. She did not become addicted with her first dose, but began to seek it out over the next few months, and by the time she turned seventeen she was fully consumed by Jet.

At this point she had been cut off from her family, and lived with a few of her friends in a warehouse loft. Her life likely would have remained on this dismal path if one of the group hadn't found a ham radio in a basement, and promptly traded it for chems. The group eagerly took their favorites, with everyone having a good time. This soon turned, as the Psycho favored by most of the group was cut with rat poison, leading two of them to die.

While such an occurrence is an accepted chance in the trade, the sight of her friends dying horribly dredged up her pain from her brother's death, and made her flee the scene, running through the night. Stopping when her legs gave out, she found herself in a park, where she found other chem fiends. She looked them over and was disgusted with their unkept appearance, smell of old piss, and scrounging through piles of dead leaves for scraps of food, before realizing she looked the same.

This prompted her to get clean, though this was far from easy in her state, having no money, support, and a deep dependence. Despite this she was determined to overcome the addiction, and locked herself in a basement with only a few bottles of water and an old mattress. She spent a hellish week there, teetering on the brink of starvation and sickness, before finally breaking the habit and re-emerging onto the street.

She at first thought about returning to her family, but wasn't ready to confront them after her disowning. Instead she returned to the warehouse she shared only to find it abandoned, looted of everything of value. Saddened by loneliness she nevertheless decided she had to help others like her overcome their addictions. This was easier said then done as she soon learned, as the first several addicts she approached either denied her help outright, or were trying to use her for their own gains.

Frustrated by this she turned her hand at other ways to help, and drifted from project to project around the city, earning a good reputation, but never quite finding her niche. This changed after several years, when she made the acquaintance of several chemists. Having heard of each other through mutual friends, she was initially wary of the group, remembering her youth and the expired addicts she'd encounter, but the trio surprised her by describing their product.

Calling it Fixer, they explained it was a powerful agent that removed dependency on chemicals. Skeptical of this, they further elaborated that it was relatively in the Mojave and parts of the Core Region, and offered to demonstrate it if she was still doubtful. Taking them up on this offer, Cheyanne went and brought a neighborhood fiend, who took the does with little qualms. After several minutes they reported feeling better, if nauseous.

Suitably impressed, Cheyanne asked them if they could show her how to make it, which the trio offered to in exchange for the ingredients. This trade was gladly accepted, and she wasted no time in retrieving the needed items for it. She spent the next two weeks learning the basics of chemistry and the recipe for Fixer, as well as helping her hosts plan their trip further north. They parted ways on a good note, and Cheyanne wasted no time in creating her own small lab in an apartment, having to clear out a Waspoon nest in the process.

in the four years since, Cheyanne has helped hundreds of people kick their addiction, producing, and distributing everything herself. This has come in waves, as she had periods where she was unable to gather all the ingredients, and had addicts break-in to her lab in instance. Despite this Cheyanne remains firm and confident in her activities, having seen the positive change she brings first hand.


Cheyanne is a tall black woman, notable for her dreadlocks, which spill out of a navy-blue stocking cap. She always dresses comfortably, in a t-shirt, jeans, jacket and boots, though will wear more layers during the winter. She has brown eyes and black hair.