Flag of Connecticut
General Information
Location:United States of America
Establishment:January 9, 1788
Disestablishment:October 23, 2077
Notable Individuals:Byron Anders
Factions:Born Again Nation
Notable events:Unknown
"Qui transtulit sustinet/He Who Transplanted Sustains"
―State Motto
Connecticut, the Nutmeg State, was the 5th state to be admitted into the United States of America on January 9th, 1788. It is bordered by Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, and New York to the west.

Geographical Regions

Connecticut Rivershed

The Connecticut Rivershed composes the majority of the central portion of the state, following the path of the Connecticut River north to south, from the border with Massachusetts to the Long Island Sound. The area is very diverse, with some spots alluvial and prone to flooding while others are hilly and even mountainous.

Sites & Settlements

Active Groups & Organizations

The Golden Coast

The Golden Coast is a small region located in southwest Connecticut, a panhandle seemingly jutting into New York. The area was the richest in the state during Pre-War times and vestiges of that wealth can be found dotted all over the region.

Sites & Settlements

Active Groups & Organizations

Northwest Highlands

The Northwest Highlands, located in Connecticut's northwest as the name implies, is composed of rolling hills and rugged mountains, with small forested regions interspersed between. During Pre-War times, the area was known for grapes, its wine industry, and was home to "raggies", lower income, non-immigrant whites.

Sites & Settlements

Active Groups & Organizations

Mystic Country

The easternmost section of Connecticut, formerly comprised of New London and Windham counties. It is centered around the Thames River, and consists largely of rough, hilly terrain interspersed by tributaries of the Thames and Mystic rivers, and largely dominated by coniferous forest. Before the war, it was known for a number of things, among them the shipbuilding facilities at Electric Boat and the pharmaceuticals company Pfizer's R&D department, both of which were located in Groton on the east side of the Thames River. Both were major government contractors, servicing Subase Groton a bit upriver. It was also home to two Native American reservations -- the Pequot, in Ledyard, and the Mohegans, in Uncasville -- who operated major casinos in the area.

Sites & Settlements

Active Groups & Organizations


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