Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda

Craig Palmer
Date of death:2269
Height:5' 11"
Occupation:Founder of Reclaimed Republic of Australia
Property boy

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"Without the fucking seppos dominating the world we wouldn't be in this bloody mess."
―Craig Palmer, on the Great War

The Honourable Craig Palmer was the founding father of the Reclaimed Republic of Australia, first Umpire of its paramilitary force, and first captain of the 1st XI (In both Cricket and Paramilitary).

A proud Australian nationalist and anti-American, it was Craig's ideals of patriotism, brotherhood and national purity that became the keystone of he and his comrades' vision to reclaim Australia from the bands of bandits and ferals that dominated the Outback Wasteland, re-founding Australia as a new prosperous and free nation.