Dan's Roller Rink
Dan's Roller Rink
Organizational Information
Owned By:the 'Lurks
General Information
Location(s):Verdant Coast, Seattle, Washington
Historical Information
Founded by:Dan Drisco
Formerly a hangout spot for the local youth, after the Great War it would be occupied by Mirelurks. It is slowly sinking ever lower, however, and will join the neighborhood in time.


Dan's Rink would open in 2046 on the upper West side of Seattle, placed to take advantage of the youth market, it would prove popular almost instantly, having a crowded floor almost every night. It would have a steady turn-based rate as it catered towards the Underage demographic, but managed to maintain a steady base. The Rink would raise its prices in 2255 due to the Resource Wars and New Plague, but it would remain a lively location. It would be closed when the bombs fell on the early morning of October 23rd, 2077, and forgotten in the resulting chaos.


Due to the seismic activity and sea rise that followed the War, Dan's Rink soon found itself part of the Verdant Coast, a swampy, partially submerged section of Seattle. It would be occupied by Mirelurks in 2132, the partially flooded skate-floor proving perfect for a nest site. A crew of raiders would attempt to capture the Rink in 2241, hoping to use it for a mirelurk ranch. They would manage to capture the building in their initial attack, but greatly underestimated the number of Mirelurks nesting there.

They would be overwhelmed as the creatures returned in swarms, angry at the humans' trespass. The raiders would eventually barricade themselves in the skate closet, only to find a Mirelurk Hunter amongst them. The human meat would nourish the next generation of Hatchlings, and the site has remained undisturbed since then.