Formerly known as Tuberculosis, Dead Lung is one of the deadliest diseases of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Before the bombs fell, TBC, was a moderately deadly and infectious disease, but after the bombs, it became DL. A terrible, highly contagious and deadly disease. DL is usually passed on through contact with infected.

Signs and symptoms

When the disease becomes active in the lungs, symptoms include chest pain, coughing up dark blood and extreme coughing. Systemic symptoms include fevers, dehydration, fatigue, pain, and paleness of the skin. Dead Lung also has a specific odor attached to it, which has led to animals acting strangely around infected organisms.

Prevention and Treatment

Very few treatments exist, but the main treatment is to take a large amount of pre-war anti-biotic. Other treatments are being exposed to large amounts of radiation, and waiting for years for the disease to be cured naturally.

The clinic at Big Spring allegedly has a reliable treatment, or perhaps even cure for Dead Lung.