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Denver City is surrounded by constellations of oil wells.
General Information
Establishment: 2278
Disestablishment: N/A
Status: Inhabited
Location Information
Location: Texas
Societal Information
Population: 17
Factions: NCR Rangers
Notable Events: Unknown

Founded as the home base for a band of firebrand abolitionists and named by Amy Hall, a traveler with an agenda and an ironic bent. The abolitionists are a motley crew of militant Rockers, freed slaves, and merc-with-a-heart types who have no idea of what their leader represents or how great a threat they're really struggling against.


Amy Hall was charged with exploring the east and waging a shadow campaign of propaganda to instill the region with a Pro-NCR mindset. She operates without support and is likely assumed to be dead back west, assuming anyone responsible for her is even alive to assume anything. She chose the ruins of Denver City for its proximity to Fort Holly where she barters for supplies and to New Mexico where a number of slave purchasers come and go from in their dealings with the Legion. Getting to name it after a nest of "slaving scum," the rangers had wiped out back west was just a bonus.

Amy recruited all of her gang of abolitionists from west Texas, none of them knows anything concrete regarding the NCR or Caesar's Legion. Their raids have been few and mostly go after the people purchasing slaves from the Legion on Caesar's eastern border in New Mexico. At its zenith the group boasted 20 members but casualties are not uncommon. Freed slaves are taken to the camp only briefly and are usually dropped off with the Rockers of Fort Holly for reintegration as free people. Amy never keeps more than a handful of these freed slaves around for long as the possibility exists of a freed slave being a spy planted to find them. Without the knowledge of her colleagues she's even executed one or two rescued people who seemed suspicious and buried them outside town.

Ranger Hall

Amy would desperately love to get some NCR interests such as the Gun Runners, Far Go Traders, or the Crimson Caravan to set up shop in the area to curtail what she sees as the rising influence of possible self-starter nations. She hopes to have a strong NCR presence before some petty west-Texas nation emerges out of the Midessa Compact, Big Spring, or Fort Holly. Unfortunately the most expedient route passes through the heart of Caesar's territory including his capital at Flagstaff. It will likely be years before her dreams are realized, if the NCR is able to form at least a working relationship with New Canaan.

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