Dermit's Slingers
Political Information
Group type:Mercenary band
Leader:Elizah Dermit
Societal Information
Location(s):Columbus Gate, Mississippi
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Make money
Status:Slingin' Rocks
"Ain't nothing silly 'bout a fist-sized rock hitting you in the face mista"
―Dermit replying to a drunk
A small band of mercenaries operating out of The Gate, Dermit and his men are constantly surprising the mutants and raiders of the area. Often fatally.


Elizah Dermit was born in a small shack in 2244 in what was Mississippi to a family of poor share-croppers. Unable to feed his two wives and nine children by farming alone, John Dermit took Elizah and several of his brothers in the woods to hunt. Too poor to afford a gun (or bullets) John had fashioned a Sling from old leather strips. Teaching his children how to make their own and setting them loose in the woods, he found Elizah took to it quickly.

By the time he was 20, Elizah was able to bring back as much meat as two of his brothers, and his family actually began to eat their fill for the first time in decades. Following several years of drought in nearby regions, the cotton his family grew rose in price enough where all of the children didn't have to support the family and could leave. Being one of the oldest, Elizah left in 2265 to find his way in the world.

He found himself in Columbus Gate, during one of the mutant attacks. Forced to defend himself, he found that rocks were just as effective as bullets. After the attack, the local mayor found him and paid him for his work. It being the largest amount of Shards he had seen that he had ever seen up to that point, Dermit quickly signed up with one of the local mercenary groups. He spent the next two years fighting the mutants and saving his money before heading back home.

Arriving to find his family as poor as before, he gave his aged father the Shards and told his brothers that there was much more to gain at the Gate. Now joined by several of his brothers and a few of their neighbors who also needed the money, Dermit returned to the Gate and let it be known that his Slingers were for hire.


The Slingers favorite mode of mutant-hunting is the ambush, which they use to great effect with their silent slings. They also take contracts to hunt down predators for the local farmers and ranchers in the area. Having forged bonds with a few of the other merc bands in the area, they're ensured that if they ever get in over their heads, they can look forward to some help.