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"We've seen the back of another black day."

Echo is an itinerant swordsman, last of a group of so-called Yakuza known as The 77s that once haunted the ruins outside New Reno, Nevada. The 77s were much admired for their keen fashion sense and proficient use of makeup and face paint, but these did not save them from the Tommy guns of some Bishop button men. Only Echo survived the massacre, as he was practicing his swordplay at the Cat's Paw in the city, and missed the battle completely. He has no driving ambition in life, other than to look good and leave an attractive corpse. Most of his earnings are funneled into the pursuit of cosmetics and hairspray. Echo would eventually leave New Reno to accompany Akio on his journey to the Boise Wasteland.


Echo is a man of indeterminate ethnicity, likely including some mix of Japanese, Mexican, and Anglo. He is of average height, lean but muscular as befits his nomadic lifestyle and warrior profession. The aesthetic traditions of the 77s live on in Echo, who is an expert on hair styling and the application of makeup whether on himself or others. Consequently, he is almost always arrayed in glamorous style.


"I had a dream, for a moment I believed it was true."

Echo is an enormously insecure man who relied heavily on the validation of the 77s. As he hasn't found anyone who can truly replace them in his esteem, he hides behind layers of affected cool and forced mystery. If traveling alone, he uses the solitude to rehearse one-liners that can be used in duels or if he's ambushed (or if he decides to waylay a traveler). He otherwise communicates by quoting songs or poems, since he reckons the wordsmiths of the past said things better than he ever could.


In addition to the Wakizashi and throwing knives traditionally employed by the Nevada Yakuza, Echo carries a switchblade ("The mechanical sound of the blade switching into action is like a drug being injected directly into the eardrums.), a Ka-Bar, a Mark I trench knife, and a Mauser C96 ("Won it in a game of stabscotch, oddly enough."). He is aware of how edgy his arsenal is, as it's just another one of his affectations.