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Flag of Florida.png
General Information
Establishment: March 3, 1845
Disestablishment: October 23, 2077
Location Information
Location: United States of America
Societal Information
Population: Unknown
Notable Individuals: Florida Man
Factions: Atlantean Society, Bottled Sun Juice, Caribbean Exploration Commission, Hunter's Society, Rafters, Swampers
Notable Events: Unknown

Florida, the "Sunshine State," is the southernmost of the states in the Gulf Commonwealth. It was the 27th state to be admitted to the United States of America.

Geographical Regions

Other Locations & Landmarks

  • Interstate 10 runs along the panhandle of Florida before terminating in the ruins of Jacksonville.


In Florida consider the flamingo, Its color passion but its neck a question.Robert Penn Warren
There are days which occur in this climate, at almost any season of the year, wherein the world reaches its perfection, when the air, the heavenly bodies, and the earth, make a harmony, as if nature would indulge her offspring; when, in these bleak upper sides of the planet, nothing is to desire that we have heard of the happiest latitudes, and we bask in the shining hours of Florida and Cuba; when everything that has life gives signs of satisfaction, and the cattle that lie on the ground seem to have great and tranquil moments. These halcyons may be looked for with a little more assurance in that pure October weather, which we distinguish by the name of Indian Summer.Ralph Waldo Emerson