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Florida Parishes
A map of the classic Louisiana parishes with the Florida Parishes
General Information
Establishment: Unknown
Disestablishment: N/A
Status: Mostly uncivilized war zone.
Location Information
Location: Louisiana
Societal Information
Population: Unknown, presumed to have several hundred to a few thousand human and mutant inhabitants.
Factions: Brethren of the Shroud, Klansmen Confederacy, Mississippi Traders Union, Rafters, The Royaume, Swampers
Notable Events: Unknown

The Florida Parishes of eastern Louisiana lie north of The Big Easy and northeast of Acadiana, bordered by Mississippi on it's northern and eastern ends. The land is primarily swampland, though it is slightly less flooded than neighboring Acadiana. Between the raiding parties of the tyrannical Klansmen Confederacy to the north, the almost militarized Swampers of the area, and the resident fascists of Haddcock's Army; the Florida Parishes have a stifled, oppressive quality to them not present in the surrounding lands.



An asterisk denotes a former holding or affiliation