Perturbator - She Moves Like A Knife HD

Perturbator - She Moves Like A Knife HD

"Winds, storms, tempests, thunders, lightnings, raging flames, dissolving elements, the archangel's trump smiting the silence of the tomb, the universal air blazing with disastrous splendors, 'the tribes of the earth mourning and beating their breasts,' the wicked calling on rocks and hills to fall upon them and cover them, the shouts of the saved, the howlings of the damned..."
Richard Fuller
Four Seasons
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General Information
Population:Unknown, thought to contain several dozen human and sapient mutant inhabitants.
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Committee to Restore Bovine Sanity, Majestic Brotherhood of the Ossuary
Notable events:Bird Man Races
Current status:A dangerous hellhole avoided by normal people.
Four Seasons Adventurer

An adventurer tries to find shelter in the ruins during a sudden sandstorm.

Four Seasons, the innocuous name might bring to mind a pleasant ranch or sleepy farm town, but it inspires dread in Texas. It is a twelve-county large hellhole in North-Central Texas, home to some of the most intense bombings outside the Boneyard or Capital Wasteland, it is the radioactive scab of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. It was named by a wasteland wit for the apocryphal four seasons of Texas: Drought, Flood, Blizzard, and Twister.
Tornado57 1

The old counties of Four Seasons.



Four Seasons Stretch

A stretch of Four Seasons between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Texas Commonwealth