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The old jail house is where Errol keeps the payroll and invoices under lock and guard.
General Information
Establishment: 2280
Disestablishment: N/A
Status: In operation as a mechanic's shop.
Location Information
Location: Permian Basin, Texas
Societal Information
Population: 15 (100% Ghoul)
Factions: None
Notable Events: Unknown

Once a suburb of Odessa, Texas; Goldsmith lay abandoned for centuries until the work camps of Notrees and Wink Sink sprang up. Now the ghouls of Armory Water & Power have a mechanic's shop here, capable of fixing the wagons that move men and materials, rendering awkward salvage into usable sheet metal, and other repair and welding work.


Goldsmith was founded in 1936, one of many oil towns in the region. It paled in comparison to nearby Odessa and never achieved any great significance. Prior to the Great War it's population had declined to just south of two hundred souls. It remained uninhabited by man or ghoul for centuries following the war, picked over by prospectors and home to wild dogs. In 2280 the ghouls of Armory Water & Power in central Midessa saw an opportunity to profit off the Salt Clan enterprises outside the city. They sent a team of their mechanics to occupy and renovate some of the old garages and machine shops in Goldsmith which was on the way back to the Midessan community of Petroleum from Notrees and Wink Sink. As the ghouls anticipate an eventual closure of the work camps, they see no need to redevelop the entire town in earnest.


The ancient ghoul spot-welder and mechanic Errol Fife manages the shop work at Goldsmith with an eye towards efficiency born from a strong work ethic and a desire to not have the ghouls and humans mingling more than necessary. He has a few ghoulish guards on standby, mostly to drive off wild dogs and a team of ten mechanics. The ghouls don't bother trying to sell food or water as most humans assume that proximity to ghouls renders them unconsumable, but they can fix just about any simple machine.

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