" Do you hear that? That thunderous noise in the distance? That's a Buffalo herd... Why you grabbing your gun sonny? Tha lil thing just gonna piss em off"
― Old man on the Grand White Buffalo
Grand White Buffalo
Blonde Bison 6.22.2008

a young buffalo

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Created via:Radiation
Base:American Bison

One of the bigger creatures in the Badlands, The Grand White Buffalo are descendants of the original buffalo from before the war. Years of radiation, as well as a lack of hunters for many years, have caused the buffalo of the past to grow considerably.


A Typical Grand White is the size of a camper trailer, and has fur the color of fresh fallen snow. Their eyes are usually blue eyes, though some do have red eyes. Under their furs, which are highly prized for their warmth and size, Grand Whites have massive amounts of usable meat, and their bones are very useful and sought after by tribals for its durability. Grand White Buffalo are around the size of an Airstream camper trailer, and weighing over two tons, they are easily some of the biggest creatures in the Wastes. A herd of Grand Whites is loud enough to be heard from miles away, and the ground trembles in their wake for farther.


Grand Whites spend their time doing primarily one of three things; eating; looking for food; or mating. During the late fall the Buffalo will begin rutting, and the males will fight to see who will mate. This is a dangerous time for anyone near a herd, not only for their physical power, but also the sound waves from their clashes that can deafen.


Grand Whites are primarily herbivores, but will eat smaller creatures if they are starving or the meat is fresh. They mainly feed on the tough, stunted grass that grows throughout the Badlands, but are also known to eat leaves and tree bark if given the chance. Because of their size they are almost constantly grazing, which can easily clear an area of any plant matter.

Offensive Capabilities

When confronted, a Grand White will often stomp, snort and rear-up on it's back legs. If this display fails, they will often charge, covering a surprising amount of ground. They will also kick and stomp at smaller creatures, or other Buffalo when playing or fighting.

Defensive Capabilities

The Great Whites posses a thick, durable hide, which is covered by thick fur. Their hooves are very hard, the radiation helping them adopt to the harsh Badlands soil. Their primary advantage is their size, which deter all but the most determined or desperate of attackers from trying them for long.


Despite recovering their population steadily after the war, there still only number a few thousand of the creatures, scattered throughout the Badlands and neighboring Montana. They live in grassy plains in nomadic herds, though the Dakota have several hundred in their camps.