Guillermo Milatra
Guillermo Milatra
Date of birth:2258
Blood type:O-
Status:Running errands

The ruler of La Baronía de los Campos Podridos, and vassal of the Pope in Soto La Marina, Guillermo finds himself nothing more than the errand boy of his direct liege.


The only son of his father Christobel, Guillermo was groomed from an early age to succeed his father in running the barony. When he was six he was sent to live and learn at the court of El Dominio de la Corriente Lenta, where he started as a page to the Duque himself. As he grew older he learned the basics of trade, diplomacy, and governing, while also learning how to serve and listen in addition to combat training. He returned to his father's realm in 2276 and was put in charge of training the few guards the town had. He did this fairly well and led them against the two Comanchero bands who had gotten close to the village in that time.

He was perfectly content with this order of things until his father died in 2278. After burying him, Guillermo traveled to see the Pope and take the oath of fealty that all rulers had to take. When he returned home the month after he left, he found his new lord waiting for him. Agapito Durante explained that Guillermo was sworn to obey him as well as the Pope whenever he had a task for him, and he came with one. Guillermo was told to gather five of the barony's best fighters and bring them to Durante's hall before the end of the month.

Sending the entire guard force, he, along with the rest of the barony, awaited their return until a lone man walked into town three weeks later. When asked what had happened, he only shook his head and returned to his house, not speaking to anyone for the following two weeks. Troubled by this, Guillermo wrote a letter to his lord asking what had occurred to the rest of his guard. The reply he got was full of vague threats and questions of his loyalty to the realm as a whole.

The next three years have continued like this, with Durante sending a task every few months and Guillermo obeying it even when he finds it dishonorable. His health has also turned for the worse in this time, likely due to the stress that he carries about his situation. He has gained weight since 2281 and resembles the pumpkin the barony is known for.


Guillermo is a quiet, soft-spoken man, who always has a smile or a kind word for the paisanos in his village, trying his best to make their toils a little easier. He always welcomes travelers and new comers himself, especially if one of them is a musician, and always tries to be fair whenever a dispute is brought before him. When his lord calls upon him, however, he is an obedient servant and follower, though he has lately grown depressed because of this.