“Would y'all be lookin' for a small loan of a 1000 caps?”

Hannibal Savage Bosscawen is the proprietor of Boss Merchants and is an industry magnate, industrialist, philanthropist, and con man. A robber baron through and through, he charges heavily, produces cheaply and considers himself a industry captain in Moose River Valley.

Known as Hannibal by his friends, Savage by his competitors, Lord Boss by his workers, and derogatorily as "The Jew of Jackman", Bosscawen has his grimy fingers in every pie worth tasting. A man with a brain for business, Bosscawen has anchored his trading emporium and industry at the junction were the highways 201 and 6 crosses. For sixteen hours his workers rotate around the emporium selling, trading, bargaining and bartering goods and not-so-goods.


Hannibal is a long-winded descendant of the original nine families who sheltered themselves from the Great War in the Schmidt Bunker. Ben Bosscawen, who is Hannibal's seventh-great-grandfather, was born in 2017 and would grow up into a paper manufacturing powerhouse garnering a lovely fortune. It was Ben who funded the majority of the construction expenses for the bunker, and Hannibal never misses a chance to remind people of that fact.

Bosscawen lives and operates out of the old Moose Lodge, now known as the Boss Lodge, and it is the heart of his empire. Originally, he wanted to establish his empire in Fort Lake, where a quaint and succulent settlement was situated ripe for swindling. Unfortunately for him, he was driven out of Fort Lake by the authorities he had swindled earlier in life, though he does from time to time pop his head in and visit his few friends who live there.


Hannibal is described by locals as a penny-stealing, sleazy, unethical character. A wealthy, bourgeois, bossy, tasteless banker and a whiny, whiskey-guzzling, self-regarding, Ponzi scheming, authoritarian tyrant. An enemy of labor rights and unions with a knack for over-promising and under-delivering, he sheds a tear for every cap he must part ways with.

Lurking behind the closed doors of the Boss Lodge is his sexual personality demon which possesses him in times of passion. A lover of lust, pleasure, and pain, in the comfort of his home he indulges in his most perverted fetish: spankings. To perform his bedroom biddings, he has hired 'personal' houseworkers known as Audrey, Joan, and Norma.

Substance Abuse

A hedonistic individual, Bosscawen has tried every chem that passes through the Valley, however, he does pay servants to test them before he does just to be safe. His favorite, or as some would say 'addiction', are mentats. Not a day goes by where he does not take at least ten to twelve of them. Additionally, he is a borderline alcoholic with a sole preference for whiskey, and can down a bottle in a single sitting if in the mood. The bulk of revenue he receives goes straight into funds for his chem habits and he has never regretted it.


Owning a face carved by a tough life, despite being young of age, he has a complexion of an experienced gentleman. Wrinkled, sullen, and scarred by success and failures, every piece of his face has a story to tell. Always fitted in the most luxurious and elegant attire his money can buy, Bosscawen loves to flaunt his status as a high-roller. Rarely seen without a suit, he has a large selection to choose from and even hires workers with the sole purpose of cleaning his clothes purified waters.

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