Harbingers are descendants of mutated Turkey Vultures, and are known for foreshadowing death across the wastes. Many consider them to be dangerous vermin while others see them as important allies.


Harbingers are a fairly common bird in the southern United States and can be seen all over the country during the summer. They are around two feet taller than their forerunners, darker coloration, and sharper, and stronger claws; besides that there is little difference. The real difference is their behavior. Harbingers are much smarter than their descendants. They have been known to lead raiders and hunters to weakened quarry, by circling around the target. Some Harbingers are trained with falconry methods; thus forging a relationship out of respect,and trust of their "Partner" to share the spoils of battle with them. Also unlike their ancestors, they will use group hunting tactics such as distraction to separate prey from the group and then brutally attack. Harbingers also have the habit of following ghouls, to their appearance, in fact, it is not uncommon for an exposed ghoul to randomly get attacked by a flock of Harbingers.

Offensive Capabilities

Talons, a sharp beak and they attack when their prey is weakened.

Defensive Capabilities

Flight, speed, excellent vision, eating them raw is suicide, and they puke out the contents of their stomachs to appease and/or distract predators.

Hunting Info

Wild Harbingers usually attack in groups of two to seven, and during the night they fly in flocks of up to twenty, but they are docile during the night. A common tactic to lure Harbingers out is to act dead or deposit some food and wait for them to get close.

Harbingers also make great hunting allies due to the ability to find weak prey and give hunters early warnings of what is approaching.