"Welcome, outsider, to our humble village"
―Unidentified Tribal
Hardfoot Tribe
Hardfoot Tribals
General Information
Location:Southwest Commonwealth, Mojave Desert
Notable Individuals:Tribal Elder
Factions:Hardfoot Tribals
Notable events:Founding of Hardfoot
Current status:Active

The Hardfoot Tribe was a settlement in the Mojave desert, with a small farming community having built up around the village, and a number of domesticated Gecko's, the Tribe was a thriving village well into the year 2178, the year when a number of explorers from Vault 14 began to explore the remains of the United States, they remained in the village for some time, teaching the Tribals about the wastes around them, feeding their lust for knowledge and prosperity.

The village was eventually destroyed, when a Enclave expeditionary team attacked the village in 2217, killing numerous villagers and the explorers from Vault 14, the remainder of the villages population either joined with the surviving explorers from Vault 14, or were kidnapped and sent to Kirkman Artillery Base, or to the Enclave Oil Rig, for experimentation and cruel forced labour at the hands of the Enclave, the Village was eventually overrun with Yao guai, finally being fully abandoned to the Wastes.


The Hardfoot Tribe settlement was founded in 2170, by the young of a unidentified destroyed settlement, presumably raided by the remains of the Masters recently destroyed Super Mutant army, sheltered and easily defendable, the village thrived in peace and prosperity for a good few years, receiving little contact with the outside world and surrounding settlements due to its separation from the rest of the outside world.

The village was eventually discovered by a group of Vault 14 explorers, though at first they were treated with suspicion, they were eventually welcomed whole-heartedly into the Village, the elders deciding to allow the explorers to teach the Tribe about the outside world, and the history of the Old world, using these teachings; the Tribe flourished for another years following, even once the majority of the explorers from Vault 14 had moved on.

The village was however, discovered by the Enclave, who sent a expeditionary task force to annihilate the village, using their Vertibirds to destroy the simple huts from above, and deploy Enclave soldiers clad in APA Mk I armour, to destroy all who resisted the Enclave forces sent to kidnap the populace. Many were killed in the attack on the village, but some managed to flee with the remaining Vault 14 Explorers, fleeing to Vault 14 with the explorers, those who did not escape, were used as test subjects at Kirkman Artillery Base or the Enclave Oil Rig, or were used for forced labour at the Enclave facilities.
Southwest Commonwealth