Isaac Bollidemo
Date of birth:????
Date of death:2043
Occupation:Settler / Scout, Traveler (formerly)

Isaac Bollidemo​ was a settler from Greywalls in 2043. Bollidemo was mentioned in Warren Leeth's third terminal entry and also was mentioned in a holotape called "Greywalls Holotape #3" which is found on Randall Heyweather.


Bollidemo was a traveler before settling down in Greywalls right after it was settled. He apparently showed some skill in leadership as he lead a scout party to search the outside of Greywalls, before the entire group was slaughtered by raiders, ghouls, or some other type of mutated animal. In Heyweather's personal holotape, which is the aforementioned "Greywalls Holotape #3", states that Bollidemo was not a very kind fellow and harassed settlers Greta Owens and Leon Spersky. Near his skeletal remains, a note titled "Bollidemo's Last Stand" can be found.

​Bollidemo's Note

So, whoever is reading this, my name is Isaac Bollidemo. I was leading a scout party but something attacked us. I'm not sure what it was. Maybe it was human, or maybe it was one of those mindless zombies. Nevertheless, it got two or three of my men and injured another. Looks like other scratches or bullet wounds. We never should've split up, but like idiots, we did. We had no idea what would be out here. I don't know what I was expecting. But I'm near death myself.  Anyways, goodbye.