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Physical Appearance

James was 45 years old by the time people started regularly returning to Appalachia, he stood at 5' 10", weighed somewhere around 170 pounds, he had sharp facial features, straight eyebrows, dark brown short hair, a pirate style goatee, and hazel green eyes.



James tends to wear a Vault-Tec security vest since it's both lightweight and bullet resistant.


James carries around an AK-47/Handmade rifle, an M1911 as a sidearm, and a combat knife.



Altruistic: James always cares about doing the right thing,

Friendly: In most casual settings James tends to be a very friendly and approachable person.

Extraverted: James tends to be very social. He loves interacting with people and getting to know them.

Humorous: James tends to exhibit a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. It’s how he deals with the suffering of the world. Even in the heat of battle he’ll sometimes become very quippy and exhibit a more aggressive sense of humor.

Gluttonous: James is never one to moderate. He especially tends to have an issue with alcohol. While it is occasionally used to help cope with the world it’s mostly just that he finds it fun.

Messy: James is very disorganized. He never cleans or keeps track of anything as long as it isn’t detrimental, as a result he tends to misplace things all the time.

Sneaky: While James always means well he’s often willing to do whatever he needs to do to obtain his goals, even if it means going behind the backs of those who trust him.

Argumentative: While James tends to be friendly he can become pretty easily frustrated if one expresses a different strategy or view than he does.

Mannerisms & Quirks

James generally tends to be very animated and exaggerated in his movements.

James's voice was somewhat deep and often exhibited a confident tone.

When a song he likes is playing he often zones out of whatever's happening around him.

James often sings and hums to himself all the time.

James often has a habit of bringing up old sayings as both a form of friendly humor and genuine insight.



James is an anarchist in a leftist sense, meaning he wants to abolish all unjust hierarchies including but not limited to both capitalism and the state.


James has no religion and is an atheist. He was raised in a Christian household and was even named after a bible verse in the books of James that his mother loved. But as James grew older a mixture of skepticism and the chaos of the world would lead him to lose his faith in Christianity.


Morally speaking James is a rule-utilitarian. Which is a moral approach that seeks to maximize happiness while conforming to certain rules.



James Doyle was born on February 28, 2058 to a working class family of Irish immigrants in Harper's ferry West Virginia. Generally James's mother tended to act strict while James's father was often laid back and understanding. Parents aside, James mostly lived a peaceful childhood filled with light hearted adventure and outdoor exploring with his friends from school. He also occasionally enjoyed reading Silver Shroud comics and playing games on his family's home computer terminal. In his teenage years things started getting interesting. At the age of 16 his parents started nagging him to get a job in order to get work experience. James really didn't want to, but ended up getting one to satisfy his parents. Little did James know this job would end up being quite an enlightening experience. His bosses were pretty terrible and would often take advantage of him and the other employees. This led James to rally for worker unionization. Something which made him quite unpopular thanks to the anti-communist propaganda at the time. This led him to taking an interest in The Free States since they advocated for a lot of what James wanted. He briefly talked to one of it's members and found out they believe in a political and social idea called anarchism. James looked more into this philosophy, and read The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin among some other leftist works. He would then spend the next year doing research. But soon enough James began identifying himself as an anarchist and would go on to help The Free States with their efforts. At the time James was their youngest member at the age of 17. However knowing how controversial The Free States were he tried his best to keep it a secret from his parents and townsfolk. A time went on the tensions between Harper's Ferry and The Free States grew, and things only got worse from there when the military got involved. Due to these tensions James would eventually confess his parents in September of 2077 and begged them to come with him and the Free States to their self made concreate shelters, but James's parents refused and thought this was all crazy. With tears in his eyes James briefly thanked his parents for everything and in sorrow retreated with the Free States to their shelters. There they awaited nuclear annihilation. Something which unfortunately happened in October 23, 2077.


The first year in The Free States concrete shelters were mentally rough on both James and the other Free States members. The world had ended, everyone they ever knew were were probably dead or worse, and the future of humanity was uncertain. However in their shared grief and uncertainty they supported each other in their hard times and thus grew in both solidarity and friendship. Eventually in 2079 The Free States along with James who would be 21 at the time helped take back Harper's Ferry from the clutches of the wastes and started rebuilding it. James quickly noticed how easy it was to become injured in this new world he found himself in and thus became a combat medic so he could help his comrades in battle. Not long after James would receive combat and self defense training. After a few years of practice his primary job was to go on dangerous scavenging missions with his team. As time went on the future was looking bright. Harper's Ferry became a prosperous outpost and supply lines were being set up with The Responders, but this did not last as eventually a scorchbeast would attack Harper's Ferry and ruin all their hard work done over the last seven years. Things only got worse from here, soon after the scorch plague would start infecting everyone in Appalachia at an alarming rate. To keep a long story short, The Free States were being overwhelmed and the signs became clear to James that unless they moved out now and abandon West Virginia they would all surely die. James notified his most cherished friends in The Free States that he was gonna get the hell out of dodge to Ohio, but his friends refused. Ultimately in sadness James left without them. There, James found little of interest, but eventually he came across a family trying to survive. At first they thought he was a threat, but once he provided some antibiotics for their sick child they began trusting James and ultimately took him in. Once the family were stable and thriving in the wastes James decided to head back to West Virginia to see if any of his friends in The Free States had survived after all this time. When James first arrived back in West Virginia he was sad to find that The Free States along with most of it's members were long gone, but not long after he was pleasantly surprised to find that The Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 had survived and were starting to rebuild. Feeling hopeful and nostalgic James began helping The Vault Dwellers with their rebuilding efforts and once again became a combat medic. It wasn't long after that he began dating one of the female vault dwellers and not long after would have a daughter with this woman.