Lamesa Wall
Lamesa Wall
General Information
Location:Permian Basin, Texas
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Salt Family
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Still functioning as a trade post and rest stop.

Lamesa Wall is a small camp and corral set in the ruins of Lamesa, Texas, established around the sole remaining landmark: a freestanding wall covered with Pre-War graffiti. It serves as a rest stop for travelers and merchants between Fort Holly and the Midessa Compact.


Prior to the Great War, Lamesa was a cotton and ranching town of a little over ten thousand people located roughly dead-center between El Paso and Dallas. It was thoroughly wrecked in the war with almost none of its population or significant structures surviving. In the 2180s it was a den of raiders known as the Dawson Devils operating out of the remains of the Preston Smith Prison. They waylaid travelers and attacked homesteads and camps throughout west Texas until 2192 when their camp was discovered by the Salt Clan mercenaries and razed to the ground with the Devils still inside. Lamesa remained mostly deserted, picked over by scavengers and prospectors, until 2259. In the early Spring of 2259 the enterprising B.W. Halberstam and a small group of family and friends came upon the ruins while traveling to Midessa for seasonal ranch work and found The Wall. Finding The Wall to be eye-catching and sturdy, B.W. thought it might make a good campground. His party pitched their tents and set about collecting materials around town to create a corral and some sheds. B.W. then went to Petroleum to seek an audience with the Salt Clan, informing them of the new camp, offering it up as a safe place to corral their cattle while on drives to the north. The clan agreed to finance the creation of further fortification and to pay Halberstam and his party to operate the campground. In exchange, the Clan got exclusive use of the corrals, accommodations for any of their agents passing through, and a share of profits from the proposed general store and hotel.



Dormant but not yet dead; the cotton fields outside of the ruins of the town are visible from Lamesa Wall.

The camp is still managed by B.W. Halberstam in 2281, though he is less active in most of the day-to-day work. His wife Mable, his two sons: Rex and Dale, their wives: Virginia and Wen, and B.W.'s longtime friends Buddy and Linda Van Horn run the hotel, bar, general store, and corral. Because water has to be imported and there's no good grazing land in the vicinity, Lamesa Wall hasn't expanded into a full fledged settlement.

There's usually a few travelers: typically small merchant outfits and trappers who never stay more than a day or two at a time. Once a month a Salt Clan-Armory Ghoul caravan comes to resupply the camp and trade with travelers. Twice a year (sometimes more), a cattle drive from Midessa stops at the camp for three days. There's an influx of travelers that day, people trading with the cowboys or buying a head of cattle or two before the herd makes it to Fort Holly.

Texas Commonwealth

Permian Basin

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