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Linseg Tools
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Organizational Information
Owned By: split between Harvey Lin and Noti Segume
Incorporation Status: tool manufacturer
Manager: Harvey Lin
Mission Statement: Make quality tools
General Information
Headquarters: Linseg Workshop
Location(s): Oregon City, Oregon
Employees 5
Historical Information
Founded: 2270
Status: assembling

A small group of craftsmen in NAP territory, Linseg has nonetheless become associated with quality in the region. Originally two separate operations, they were joined by their owners to something more "positive."


Linseg was initially two competing ventures with the same observation; brittle pre-war tools are in abundance, but reliable ones are not. To this end Henry Lin and Noti Segume independently decided to open tool shops. These were initially crude furnaces heating scrap or pig iron, but the pair continued on.

The pair only became aware of each other in 2268 when customers began to bring the other up in hagglings with either merchant. While initially neither crafter was concerned, Lin was able to afford a proper blast furnace (albeit a post-war one), which allowed him to produce more than his rival.

While Segume was still able to turn a profit due to her location closer to the frontier, she knew it would not last. She began planning for a possible merger, and presented it to Lin in March of 2270. Under her proposition they would join operations as partners, each entitled to a fifty percent share, and Segume would bring in higher quality iron than Lin's current standard.

The two discussed the offer for two hours before Lin agreed, and Linseg was officially founded. The company at first operated both stores, but this proved difficult logistically and was stopped the next year. In 2274 they moved into a medium-sized workshop on the outskirts of Oregon City midway from their former locations, and easier for the iron deliveries to reach.

Not satisfied with having a new location, Linseg spent everything it had to purchase new machines to go with it. This gambit payed off, as they were able to turn out a large number of tools that year. Their supply of iron was disrupted in 2279 when The Bridge of the Gods was taken by NCR aligned forces, who blocked the tribal suppliers.

While longer routes were used, the already sporadic nature of the mining operation led to several shortages over the next five years. This was resolved in 2284 when the Sons of Liberty retook the bridge, allowing the tribal caravans to get through. With easier supply Linseg was able to continue steady production, as well as try their hand at other tools. They are currently trying to improve their screwdriver production process.

Activities and Interests

Linseg primarily makes shovels, picks and various hammers, both due to the demand for these, and the relative simplicity. They make screwdrivers in smaller amounts, though have trouble working the points with the machines they have.

The company is interested in finding or making new machines to replace the pre-war ones they have been working with, though these are scarce to find. Linseg purchases fresh wood for handles and chunks of iron for the heads, shaping the latter via furnaces and presses.