A happy go lucky woman, she has been more fortunate that many in the district, finding and operating Nuevo Estilo Clothing Factory for the Ministerio Civil.

Maria Santos
Maria Santos
Date of birth:2220
Status:watching the lines


Maria was born to a single mother inside the Ministry's shantytown, and would often be brought into the ruins by her scavenger mother. She grew up to be a scavenger, often selling her finds to the Ministry. While looking deeper in the ruins she came across an untouched factory. Finding several lines the victims of the elements, she then came to the last one.

It hummed to life when she briefly flipped the switch, hoping no robots were present. She reported her find to the Ministry and was rewarded by a full agent position, along with a dozen guards and bag of pesos. She would manage to get the line working again, and turn out several batches of jeans. Running out of material, she organized the building of a trade post and exchanged food and pesos with the locals. She considered her position easy until Comancheros attacked in 2254, barely beaten back by the dug-in defenders.

The line would again rumble to life in 2255, its production silencing several critics in the Ministry. They maintained production for the year, earning Maria enough prestige within the organization to ensure her position forever. She would yet again be forced to help defend the factory in 2262, only saved by a passing mercenary band. She would contract them for additional protection, sending the bill to Director Remi personally. She would fall in love with one of the men, and married in 2263. Two years later the lines would again fall silent, this time due to two motors burning out within a hour of each other.

Maria would suffer four months of stress before suitable replacements would be found, during which time she had at least managed to replenish some fabrics. She would watch two more attacks in the 2270s, but has still retained her position throughout the 2280s, hoping to save for a few more years to retire in Un Bonito Complejo.


Maria has maintained a sunny disposition despite living her entire life in the warzone of the District. She has always believed in the goodness of people,something she has usually been proven of. During her scavenging years she relied heavily on her luck, but tries to let her judgement make the decisions after she was made manager.