Michael Vorsen
Michael Vorsen
Date of birth:2249

Senior Paladin Michael Vorsen is the leader of an investigative patrol unit sent by the Brotherhood of Steel to research the Navis Damnatorum.

Early Life

The eldest son of two Star Paladins, Michael Vorsen grew up with great expectations on his shoulders. Born in the Hidden Valley Bunker on December 3rd, 2249, Michael Vorsen was selected early for intense training, flying through the brotherhood ranks. His brother and sister, Thomas Vorsen and Sandra respectively, were always beside him, backing him up or helping him out. Michael became such a magnificent member of the brotherhood, he had achieved the rank of Knight Captain and his own squad by the age of twenty, becoming a paladin shortly after. Having heard of the sightings of a ghost ship in the West, Elder Elijah sent Michael, Thomas, Sandra, and a small squad of other Knights to the coast in 2270. In 2276, the NCR took control of Helios One, killing Michael's parents. Angry and bitter that he hadn't been there to perhaps save his parents, he lashed out at both the NCR and BoS for some time. Finally calmed by his siblings in 2279, they all went in search of the Navis Damnatorum, meeting Nero Lupis, a mysterious confederate to their mission.


Being a Senior Paladin in the Brotherhood of Steel, Michael Vorsen is often outfitted in a suit if T-51b power armor, and carries a gauss rifle with a plasma pistol as a sidearm. When he must travel incognito, he wears an old suit of combat armor and carries an assault rifle.