Date of birth:2248
Blood type:o-
Status:managing as best she can
"Ave, how may I serve you husband?"
―Myrlah to her "spouse"
A middle-aged tribal, Myrlah is a woman chained. Taken as a young girl by Caesar's Legion, she would grow up a slave and given to a soldier as a reward when she was sixteen. She has managed to make the best of her life, and has found pleasure in her garden, the plants reminding her of her youth.


Myrlah was born to the Crowned Wall tribe in Eastern Arizona, the child of two scouts. As a girl, she liked to be near the goats the tribe raised, and would often help out with their care. her dreams of the future would be crushed, however, when the Legion attacked. The Crowned Walls would be slaughtered and the survivors enslaved, Myrlah for her part would be found hiding the goat liter. She would be bound and carried by to a warcamp, where she was awarded to a particularly cruel warrior.

She would be raped that night, and kept in his household responsible for its care. She would at first think and plot of escape, but several beatings and public executions of would-be escapees broke her spirits. Six months after her capture, she would silently submit to whatever her "husband" wished of her when he wasn't warring. She would grow content in her marriage, and even find some enjoyment in managing their garden. Her husband looked well upon her industry, and would praise her at the first yield. She grew her garden as life went on, mostly to escape her husband. She is unaware of the status of the Mojave dam in 2287, as her husband doesn't deign to tell her any news.