Nero Lupis
Date of birth:2258
Race:Human Tribal

Nero Lupis is a former member of Caesar's Legion living on the West Coast of California. He is obsessed with the Ship of the Damned, the Navis Damnatorum.


Born 2258 to a small tribe in Western Arizona, his birth name and tribe were taken from him when Caesar's Legion came through the region. Pressed into service to the legion, he excelled in every aspect of combat and survival training. Inducted into the frumentarii in 2275, he was given the name Nero Lupis and sent west. Crossing the Colorado River some distance south of Hoover Dam, he made his way to the West Coast of California and witnessed the ghost ship Navis Damnatorum. Rushing back East, he arrived at the Dam in time to witness the First Battle of Hoover Dam. Seeing the carnage caused at Boulder City, he reported his findings to Caesar, of both the West and the Battle. Burning Joshua Graham with the other frumentarii, he reported the Navis Damnatorum to Caesar. Distracted with his loss, Caesar called it of no consequence. Nero, unable to think of anything but the Ghost Ship, returned West in 2278, settling in a small shack on the coast and keeping a vigilant watch for the Navis Damnatorum. Shortly after he built the beach shanty which serves as his home, he was met by the company of Senior Paladin Michael Vorsen who also was searching for the Navis Damnatorum. He could tell that they were BoS, but kept his own past a mystery, only caring that they were hunting together.


Nero Lupis wears pre-war police riot armor he looted from an NCR ranger he killed, minus the telltale duster. He is proficient with all forms of weaponry but carries with him a pair of combat knives, a .44 magnum revolver, and a heavily modified assault rifle.