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Flag of Nevada.svg
General Information
Establishment: October 31, 1864
Disestablishment: October 23, 2077
Location Information
Location: United States of America
Societal Information
Population: Unknown
Notable Individuals: Unknown
Factions: Iron Pony Express Commercial Co.
Notable Events: First Battle of Hoover Dam
All For Our Country— State Motto

Nevada, the Silver State, was the 36th state admitted into the United States of America and the only complete continental state in the Southwest Commonwealth. In the late 23rd Century it is the front line in a war between the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion.

Geographical Regions

Great Basin

The basin is an endoheric watershed that covers much of Nevada excepting the region around Las Vegas and a stretch of the northeast near Idaho. This super-region actually extends a bit into California, Colorado, and Oregon contains various smaller regions.



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