New Castle
New Castle
General Information


Pre-War History

New Castle was not a settlement in the Pre-War world. It was, however, the name of one of the three counties in Delaware. The northernmost of the three, New Castle was the smallest but most economically developed. The county was settled by the Swedish and the Dutch before coming into British control, eventually being named after the English city of Newcastle.

Post-War History

Two years after the Great War ended, survivors hiding in Senator Albert Vernon’s Pulowski Preservation shelter in Wilmington emerged for the first time. They left simply to make supply runs, and continued the pattern for the next few decades, leaving the safety of their bunker only when necessary. In 2102, the bunker came under attack by a group of roaming raiders that followed a supply run party back to the shelter. The raiders were killed or driven away, but the bunker itself sustained damage. The front door became inoperable and the air filtration system had been damaged beyond repair, rendering the shelter indefensible and unlivable. The aging Senator Vernon, his son Stephan, and a group of some 75 survivors were forced to leave their safe haven behind expose themselves to the danger of the wastes.

A student of medieval history, Senator Vernon reasoned that in the wild world that Post-War America now was, a castle would be the best kind of fortification. Just before his death, he worked out the logistics of constructing a fortified city on the banks of the Delaware River, roughly where the county seat of Wilmington was once located. After Albert’s death, Stephan continued with the construction, and in 2123, the walled city was completed.


The majority of New Castle’s economy revolves around the mundane things that fuel the economies of settlements across the country. Of note, quartz harvested from the mouth of the Delaware River and the Delaware Bay is used in construction or sold. Unlike many other settlements, chems are a big part of the New Castle economy, specifically up. The production of other chems is looked down on, but the production of up is a “state-sponsored” activity, one of the major sources of income for Clan Vernon. New Castle has two factories located within in, funded by Clan Vernon, with the express purpose of producing the drug.


Clan Vernon rules supreme in New Castle. A Pre-War political dynasty, the Vernons continued their domination of civic life in the Post-War world with their complete control of the settlement.


The most noteworthy feature of New Castle is the large wall that protects it. True to Albert Vernon’s design, New Castle features a large stone wall that separates those living inside from the dangers of the wastes, much like medieval castles.