Cabaret part 11 (Tomorrow Belongs To Me Reprise)

Cabaret part 11 (Tomorrow Belongs To Me Reprise)

The New Order
New Order Logo
Political Information
Group type:Militaristic White Nationalist Organization
Leader Title:Commander
Motto:Break The System
Societal Information
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:The establishment of a white homeland from which non-whites would be barred and Jews eliminated
Enemies:Atlas Guard, Sons of Liberty, Seattle, Oregon tribals, raiders, Degenerates
"After the defeat of the Great One, the first step in the Jew's plan for world domination was to subvert the governments of the world's dominant superpowers. First came the Soviets, then the Chicoms. The Jew wanted to take America as well, but we would not let them. So, nuclear fire rained down on us. Remember, what the Jew cannot possess, he destroys."
―New Order footsoldier teaches youngsters "history"

Formed before the Great War, the New Order was a militant white supremacist organization that masqueraded as libertarians to gain legitimacy. This led to them arriving in Martha's Gulch and subsequently being forced out many years later. Losing their base of operations and much of their motivation, the New Order later fragmented and ceased to exist.


The Birth of Evil

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
―Early pledge used by the New Order

Founded in 2058, the New Order originated from members of a prison gang, the Aryan Nation, who had gotten out only to want to continue their fight for white supremacy on the outside, albeit in more subtle ways. So, instead declaring themselves a white supremacist organization, the New Order decided to designate themselves as a libertarian militia with a very particular membership, focused on "Breaking the System". They also tried to give themselves some sort of identity by adopting Germanic names and learning German as a second language.

The New Order managed to maintain an air of respectability for the next twenty years, creating a newsletter and campaigning against the welfare state and strengthening of federal powers. As the Sino-American War wore on and veterans returned home, quite a few white veterans joined on the West Coast joined the New Order to, in their mind, hold back "the Fifth Column of Asia brewing in California" or the large Asian minority in the Southwest Commonwealth. Hatred for Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics were reasons for others to join.

In the 2070s, the New Order's numbers grew in number as the war wore on. They were considered by Martha Lore in relation to her project but due to the rumors of their white supremacist nature, they were initially rejected. In January of 2077, as the Battle of Anchorage drew to a close, the New Order's leadership feared a nuclear exchange might occur. They subsequently called all active members to join them in the backwoods of Idaho to try to wait the exchange out.

In the early months of 2077, the New Order's leadership was surprised to find no such exchange occurred and was even more pleasantly surprised by a message from Martha Lore giving them a second chance to come to Martha's Gulch. The New Order accepted Martha's offer and moved to Martha's Gulch.

In Martha's Gulch, the New Order continued preparing for what they saw as the inevitable nuclear exchange. This mostly involved training and hoarding supplies. The most important of these supplies were numerous suits of riot gear illegally bought from a black market army supplies dealer. Also, food and ammunition were brought to Martha's Gulch.

On October 23, 2077, the bombs fell as the New Order had predicted for so long. They, along with other groups, filed down into the fallout shelter of Martha's Gulch.

Fire and Ashes

"To create the sword of white homeland, we must first drag ourselves through the forge of the atomic bomb."
―Commander Joseph Manx giving encouraging words to his soldiers

Being cooped up underground exacerbated the groups' conflicts with one another, even as black rain and fallout fell outside. Eventually, due to their bigotry and conflicts with the other groups, the New Order was forced to leave the fallout shelter and emerge topside.

The New Order took this early emergence as a blessing and a curse. After emerging from their fallout shelter, the New Order took up residence in their designated camp in Martha's Gulch and sent scouts into the newly created wasteland to assess the situation. They found blasted craters, roving packs of vicious mutants, dead cities, and desperate refugees seeking safety from this new hell. At the same time in Martha's Gulch, some in the New Order were attempting to breed mutant animals or grow mushrooms to make a stable food supply.

With their superior arms and armor, the New Order saw themselves as the saviors of these refugees, some of them at least. New Order footsoldiers went south soon after the return of their scouts, intent on rescuing white refugees and turning back all others. This caused much violence but due to their lack of organized opposition, the New Order operated with impunity.

That is until they discovered the reason refugees were coming north: a U.S. Army safe zone in Seattle promising safety and stability to all. The New Order's leadership considered this and hammered out a plan to deal with the remnants. They first sent out footsoldiers to scout out Seattle, which they had assumed was uninhabitable due to radiation. It was not.

Instead of attacking like they had first intended to do, the New Order decided to send emissaries to meet with the U.S. Army remnants. The remnants, led by one Colonel Edgar Brent, were surprised to find another (seemingly) civilized, well-equipped group from the wasteland. After some talks, the remnants readily accepted the New Order's offer to help protect Seattle, even though much of Seattle was in Chinatown.

New Order Footsoldier

New Order footsoldier on the lookout in Seattle

This played right into the New Order's hands as they set up checkpoints to the south and east of Seattle. They provided security for the U.S. Army remnants in Seattle while limiting "certain" groups from getting to the city. This only caused more problems but in the short term, it pleased the New Order and was unknown to the U.S. Army remnants.

For most of 2078, this arrangement between Seattle and the New Order continued. Many raiders and mutants were repelled from attacking Seattle for the moment. At the same time, several New Order scouts took up residence in West Seattle to keep tabs on the U.S. Army remnants. Meanwhile, the members of the New Order at Martha's Gulch tried to scratch out an existence. The New Order also found that radiation in the area was causing mutations among several of their members, who they quickly killed to try to stem the mutation.

In mid-2078, New Order scouts sighted a Chinese cargo ship entering Puget Sound and reported this to the U.S. Army remnants. The New Order feared a possible invasion but nothing came of it. Around the same time, tensions began to rise between the U.S. Army remnants and the New Order due to a shrinking food supply, rumors from refugees, and recognition of the imagery the New Order used. Their leaders Joseph Manx and Edgar Brent however stayed on good terms with one another and often talked to try to work things out.

The New Order's arrangement came to an end in 2079 with the arrival of Skull-Taker. The New Order footsoldiers at the checkpoints south of Seattle were caught unaware by the band of cannibals, and the few that managed to flee warned the others of the approaching threat. Manx and the other higher-ups in the New Order considered whether they wanted to stay and fight or get out while they still could. Manx was forced by the others to agree to leave and soon after their deliberations, the New Order slipped out of Seattle without warning, leaving Colonel Brent, his men, and the refugees to the hands of Skull-Taker.

Returning to Martha's Gulch, the New Order took up residence in their assigned camp and survived, waiting for the wretches in the fallout shelter underground to emerge. They initially tried to contact the other groups still underground but were unsuccessful. Food was hard to come by, but they got by.

Also, as the year wore on, many in the New Order discovered that they had non-ghoul mutations like skin discoloration and extra toes. Tired of having to purge ghoulified footsoldiers and not willing to do it again to stem such small mutations, the New Order chose to ignore the problem, scratching out a living in Martha's Gulch.

In the summer of 2079, Martha Lore and the other groups finally came topside and were met by the haggard survivors of the New Order.

Almost at the same time of emergence at Martha's Gulch, some drunken New Order scouts in Seattle were greeted by an odd sight when they came to Capitol Hill: a rendition of the play Othello being performed by actors in blackface (no doubt for ironic reasons). Drunken and confused, the two footsoldiers opened fire. None of the shots hit any of the performers, but they did not hesitate to return fire. Only one of the footsoldiers made it back to his base alive. This exchange began a long-lasting conflict between the New Order and the Geigers that would last into the twenty-third century.

Commander Joseph Manx greeted Martha and the other emerging groups with hospitality, but many in the New Order still resented the others groups for evicting them and being (somewhat) racially diverse. After the initial emergence aboveground, the New Order minimized contact with the other groups out of fear. They kept on eking out an existence.

As the end of twenty-first century approached, the New Order began to send more scouts back into Seattle. Also, as time went on, the true extent of the damage wrought on the New Order by radiation became apparent. Infertility was common among the group and even if footsoldiers bore children, they quite often came out mutated or dead. Something had to be done. In 2080, after a surprisingly unrelated investigation, Martha Lore decreed that all mutants or mutations within Martha's Gulch had be "cleansed". The New Order made a show of killing off some of its more irradiated or mutated members but hid others, knowing if the New Order killed all the mutants in the group they would not be able to sustain themselves. This show was good enough for Martha, who was happy enough to not just see them leave like the Watchmen did soon afterwards. The New Order were already a problem enough due to their racism and bigotry towards the other groups, and she did not want to oppose them on another issue.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, the New Order was rapidly making more enemies. The New Order's unofficial "shoot other races on sight" policy, though successful at first, was now biting them in the ass as those people were part of influential raider gangs, scavenger groups, and new settlements. By 2089, the New Order was at war with most of the factions in Seattle. Nonetheless, due to their superior armor and firepower, the New Order managed to carve out safe-houses and territories in West Seattle that they hold for a long time. There, they had no real rivals. Their primary enemy would only emerge united at a later date.

In 2091, Joseph Manx had grown decrepit, and a new commander of the New Order had to be picked. After some deliberation, a scout by the name of Phineas Hunt was hand-picked by Manx to be his successor. Around the same time, a scout by the name of Frank Parmenter returned to Martha's Gulch secretly to present a "fertility plan" to his superiors. Parmenter was a known degenerate, but since his superiors could not deny that they had problem producing viable children so they listened to his plan, expecting a request to allow polygamy. Instead, they got a detailed design to create essentially a breeding pen to pump out more soldiers. Manx, although disdainful of Parmenter's character, saw the merit of the idea and gave Parmenter the go ahead and supplies necessary to execute his plan. Soon after, Manx died in his sleep.

Closing the Fist

"Turn on the Wagner!"
―New Order footsoldier before going into battle in downtown Seattle

Commander Hunt took power soon after in 2092 and shook things up. Mobilizing the New Order's idle footsoldiers in Martha's Gulch, Hunt moved many of them into West Seattle to help the scouts there, scavenge, and make a show of force for groups in the area. This move cost many raider and mutant lives, with much of West Seattle falling to New Order hands. Also, the New Order's heavy presence in the area helped facilitate Parmenter's breeding project and "secure the future of white children".

New Order Base

A New Order safehouse in West Seattle

Paramenter's sick idea soon bore fruit, and babies were brought back to Martha's Gulch, with no questions asked by the other groups. In the next half-century under Hunt's leadership, the New Order earned a reputation as sharpshooters and merciless killers in Seattle, especially towards the near defenseless residents of the newly rebuilt Chinatown. The New Order wanted Seattle for their own hopefully some day, and the Chinese would not be part of their vision of a pure Northwest. The New Order blew up the Chinese ship The Tongmeng in 2128. The war between these two forces had just begun. Otherwise, the New Order held their territory in West Seattle against raider intrusions while preying upon the occasional drifter, mutant, or Geiger. The King County International Airport Massacre of 2121, where several New Order footsoldiers wiped out nearly one hundred raiders, was seen as the high point for the New Order during Hunt's time as commander. In Martha's Gulch, Commander Hunt kept his men in high spirits with beautiful classical music, some even written by him.

During Hunt's time as commander, the New Order's many secrets (white supremacist agenda, mutation, sexual slavery) were skillfully kept under wraps from the other groups in Martha's Gulch due to their disinterest in the outside and the New Order's then tight hold on traffic coming near the compound. Hunt's homosexuality was also kept under wraps, though more for internal reasons than for relation with the other groups.

2131 was an especially important year for the New Order. First, early in the year, Martha Lore finally passed away, leaving no mediating voice between the remaining groups in Martha's Gulch. The groups had already begun to drift apart. Phineas Hunt, one of the most beloved commanders in New Order history, also died of old age later that year with no clear successor.

While the New Order deliberating over a new commander in Martha's Gulch, a lone wanderer walked into West Seattle, a young man wearing a blue bodysuit and holding an odd machine. Since the he was white, the bored New Order footsoldier on guard duty gave the wanderer a choice: turn back or be shot. The wanderer did not answer the footsoldier and simply shot him in the face.

After the first shot, the wanderer proceeded to try to eliminate the entire New Order presence in West Seattle. The New Order footsoldiers in West Seattle were forced to fight for their lives, with many ending up shot dead in the streets by the wanderer. Finally, after many deaths the footsoldiers managed to bring the wanderer down.

Heading of this strange and tragic event, many high ranking members of the New Order came from Martha's Gulch to West Seattle to further investigate the fiasco. Footsoldiers there picked through the wanderer's corpse, stripping him of his machine and his other equipment. The wanderer's machine was found to be a Pip-Boy 2000 and was stripped for its internal components. The holotapes found in the wanderer's bag were much more interesting though. Through recordings in the holotapes, the New Order footsoldiers in West Seattle discovered the existence of a vault to the northeast near the center of old Seattle.

Later that year (2131), the New Order sent an expedition into the city center to find the vault, hoping to find some good loot or breeding stock. Going through the city, they fought raiders, mutants, and ghoulified U.S. Army remnants near Campbell Armory, making new enemies along the way. Only four footsoldiers made it to their destination and were frustrated to find a closed vault. Cutting their way back through Seattle, the haggard expedition made it back to West Seattle and reported in to their superiors. In later years, the expedition was mostly forgotten by the New Order except for the vault but the ghoulified U.S. Army remnants never forgot the New Order's perceived betrayal, even years after Skull-Taker had ravaged Seattle.

Quiet Blood

"Hahaha, it's a pity. You were so close too."
―Commander Harvey Spencer gloating before executing a nosy Pantheon Radio reporter

The later 2130s were relatively quiet as Martha's Gulch remained peaceful and the New Order held their positions in West Seattle. A new commander, Carl Bauer, was selected in 2132. Everything seemed calm. That is until the murder spree began in 2139. In Martha's Gulch within the New Order itself, four footsoldiers fell dead from unknown causes. After further investigation, the higher-ups in the New Order found traces of poison in the dead footsoldiers and concluded foul play was involved. This attracted the attention of the Sons of Liberty and Atlas Guard and soon enough the New Order allowed them to join in on the investigation. The groups had difficulty working together, and the New Order was uneasy working with others, but after three more deaths, the murderer was apprehended and shot. This briefly seemed to bring together the three groups, but alas, it was only brief.

Pantheon Radio emerged as a new player in Martha's Gulch in 2143 and became the New Order's most relentless enemy. Created to make use of the radio station in Martha's Gulch and act as a news source, Pantheon Radio butted heads with the New Order soon after its founding over wanting to send its reporters out into the wasteland. Knowing their actions in Seattle and elsewhere would condemn them in the eyes of the other groups in Martha's Gulch, the New Order set out to obstruct Pantheon Radio in every way possible in their mission, "To Bring the Truth to All". This started with the sabotage of a reporter's radio equipment in 2144 but culminated in several deaths over the years, twelve for Pantheon Radio and five for the New Order. For the next seventy years, the New Order and Pantheon Radio played a game of cat and mouse, with Pantheon Radio knowing most of the New Order's horrific actions but not being able to prove them to the other isolationist groups in Martha's Gulch. They mostly just wanted to farm and be left alone, and that was exactly what happened.

In the 2140s and 2150s, Chinatown finally began to organize against the New Order and its other various enemies. The first Chinatown militias were formally established to fight the New Order specifically, using a mix of volunteers and mercenaries. In 2148, the New Order managed to best the first Chinatown militias in battle but soon began to feel the brunt of repeated battles. The militias were able to overwhelm the New Order's footsoldiers and by 2153, the New Order stopped facing the Chinatown militias in pitched battles and primarily began to use snipers and booby traps against them while focusing elsewhere.

The New Order managed to achieve a major battlefield victory in 2156 when in they killed Perez, the leader of the King County International Airport raiders, and all of his bodyguards near the ruins of South Seattle College. This left the raiders at the airport in turmoil and gave the New Order significant breathing room. However, the pressure was back on in 2157 as several Chinatown residents tried to collaborate with Pantheon Radio to being down the New Order. Luckily for the New Order, this effort was quashed swiftly and efficiently.

As Chinatown tried to distance themselves from conflict and most of Seattle's raiders fought among themselves, the 2160s were rather peaceful for the New Order (and the Geigers as well). The only notable events in that decade for the New Order were more scrapes with ghouls, more close calls with Pantheon Radio, and more sightings of vault dwellers, though none attacked West Seattle or the New Order.

In the next couple decades, the conflict in Seattle between the New Order and its enemies slowly escalated. As the vault dwellers finally emerged from underground, the New Order gained yet another enemy. Casualties mounted and it became harder and harder to cover up the New Order's actions in Martha's Gulch. Things had to have unraveled, one way or another.


"Run you idiots! Out and back to Seattle!"
―A New Order footsoldier telling ones still fighting in Martha's Gulch to flee

The fall of the New Order began in late September 2211, when the relationship between the New Order and Pantheon Radio reached a breaking point. A Pantheon reporter had recently tried to do a full holofilm documentary on the New Order's actions. The New Order had gone after her, and she had hid within a raider gang in Seattle. They managed to kill her but lost track of the holofilm.

It was then that the New Order's leaders finally realized that they could not keep up the masquerade any longer. They decided that the time was right to take Martha's Gulch for themselves. Some advised attacking Atlas Guard first and eliminating the larger threat, but more wanted to take out Pantheon Radio first for all their meddling over the years. It was agreed upon that the New Order would attack Pantheon Radio first but as contingency plans, they decided to put two dirty bombs in the camps of Atlas Guard and the Sons of Liberty, hoping to weaken the other groups beyond fighting. To pull off the attack, the New Order pulled all its footsoldiers back from Seattle and marshaled its full force.

The plan was already faulty before it began. The Guard and Sons noticed the troop movements and decided to give Pantheon Radio's ramblings some credence for once, preparing themselves for a fight against the New Order.

The battle that sparked the Olympian Civil War began in October 12, 2211. The New Order's footsoldiers first marched on Pantheon Radio in order to stamp them out once and for all. At the same time, the two dirty bombs were rigged to blow.

The assault was a short one, with only a few Pantheon employees being killed before the Sons of Liberty and Atlas Guard emerged to help them. Outgunned and outmatched, the New Order was forced to make a hasty retreat back to their camp with an army on their heels. The footsoldiers fought hard but were forced to retreat further, gathering whatever supplies they could and storming the gate of Martha's Gulch to escape. It was a fiasco, a bloodbath. Several footsoldiers held out at the gate to give time to their retreating compatriots, a sacrifice that went unappreciated but not wasted.

The path back to West Seattle was a long one, and Atlas Guards and the Sons of Liberty stopped pursuing the New Order after a while. The remnants of the New Order regrouped near the Pens first to decide on their next course of action. That was, of course, to resettle West Seattle and make that their new permanent home. That was what happened. Outposts were re-purposed into bases, which could be used as safe-houses and barracks. Prominent bases included Camp Long, High Point, and the Junction. Because of this flexibility, the New Order survived.

However, they certainly did not thrive. The New Order was still isolated and set upon by all their neighbors, including a newly reinvigorated Chinatown. Back in a state of constant war, as they were seen as a menace by pretty much everyone, the New Order had little room to grow or thrive. A campaign by Chinatown militias in 2214 (connected to Pantheon Radio) was easily rebuffed but showed the New Order that unlike in the old days, they were not untouchable.

In 2218, the New Order came under the leadership of Jay Harper after the death of the previous commander to a mirelurk. Commander Harper tried at first to intimidate the raiders of King County International Airport into paying the New Order tribute but only caused yet another war. At the same time, the Chinatown militias made another attack on West Seattle, massacring a whole detachment of footsoldiers near Camp Long this time. Commander Harper, thoroughly pissed, managing to repel the attacks on West Seattle but in the process stretched the New Order to its limits. At the same time, a cult had been growing inside the New Order among its more mutated members involving blood sacrifice of "pure" children. This had been going on for three years but by 2219, they had been found out and a firefight erupted in High Point at their largest concentration. All the cultists were killed, but High Point was abandoned after "the incident". By 2219, West Seattle was peaceful and quiet but at a heavy cost.

Dagger to the Back

"Kill the farmers and find better farmers."
―A short adage from Aldrich Whitney

In 2220, it was during a low point in the New Order's storied history where they were for a time swept up in the charismatic death cult of Aldrich Whitney's Dagger Revanchists. Whitney approached a patrol with an extremely impressive display: a trio of V-150s leading a mob of his press-ganged wastelanders. He was able to provide the battered leadership of the New Order with pristine pre-War chems, tools, ammunition, and other Initiative stores; along with tales of the riches to be found in the hidden Initiative facilities scattered like jacks across the wasteland. The two groups seemed initially well aligned: Whitney and his Initiative traitors were all white, and his wasteland conscripts were likewise.

Commander Jay Harper readily accepted Whitney as an ally and confidant, seeing his resources as a godsend in the wake of devastating losses. Others trusted Whitney as well, reasoning that an outsider with bad intentions would not have tried to help them so much. However, there remained a large minority that were eternally suspicious of Whitney and his motives, the two most prominent being Mike Flynn, the steward of the Pens, and Otto Wernher, an ambitious young footoldier.

Whitney was classically educated, and could articulate the New Order's views and manifestos with a level of familiarity that exceeded their generations of separation from the source era. There were however some major differences. For starters, Whitney was a high-functioning psychopath and sadist. Rather than driving non-whites away from his territories, he preferred to enslave them, including keeping the women as sexual slaves for his officers. His rank-and-file were not spared from his mad designs. Each had been molded into a murderous thug, their training based more on inuring them to the commission of atrocities with unquestioning obedience rather than becoming disciplined soldiers. They were all branded, or tattooed, so that they would be recognized for their former allegiance if they deserted. The New Order footsoldiers mostly scoffed at these wasteland conscripts, confident in their own combat training and superior equipment. However, they mostly kept this attitude to themselves, knowing the conscripts' undying loyalty to Whitney and Harper's confidence in their abilities.

Under Whitney's influence, the New Order established a plantation operated by gelded slaves in 2221 dedicated to the cultivation of cereal crops from Initiative seed bred for post-War conditions. This and other actions had varying effects on the New Order's morale, as Whitney sought to elevate the standing of the troops by creating new rights and privileges for them, contrasted by the utter inhumanity with which he directed them to treat slaves and enemies. This was already present in the New Order somewhat with the sexual slavery at the Pens but had never been front and center. The slavery, the tattoos, and especially the gelding made many of the footsoldiers very uncomfortable with Whitney and his gang, but Commander Harper reassured them that it was for the best and to "suck it up".

Later in 2223, the Chinatown militias attempted another attack on West Seattle, this time at Camp Long itself. The Chinatown militias now had help from vault dwellers, who also bore a grudge against the New Order. Commander Harper and Whitney jointly led the defense. With the help of the V-150s, the New Order wiped out the invading force and drove any survivors back to downtown. This was cause for raucous celebration, and everyone rejoiced. Parties were thrown, booze was drank. All while that happened, Whitney, in a "show of force", skinned the corpses of the invaders and hung them from buildings leading from downtown to West Seattle.

During the celebrations, Mike Flynn and Otto Wernher discussed the threat Whitney posed and how he could be undermined or dealt with. Commander Harper overheard this and reprimanded them both for saying such things. He did not punish them however. Whitney had friends who heard though, and they told him quickly of what was said.

The next year was spent cultivating crops and rebuilding parts of West Seattle. Things were rather peaceful. Or so it seemed. Whitney knew of dissenters within the New Order's ranks and wanted them removed. So, he started targeting the two dissidents and their allies. Whitney did this as subtly as possible, starting with Otto Wernher. It began with several accidents happening to Wernher, including almost being run over by a V-150, being targeted by an unknown sniper, and having his boat sunk while navigating the flooded streets of Seattle's downtown. These attempts, along with others, failed and only proved to make Flynn paranoid. Whitney did not focus on Flynn until later though.

In the summer of 2224, two major events occurred leading up to the climax of Whitney's involvement with the New Order. Both involved the men he was after.

The first was when band of super mutants arrived at the outskirts of Seattle and skirmished with New Order footsoldiers patrolling that area. The super mutants began making their way towards West Seattle. Seeing the mutants as a threat to their home, the New Older, with Aldrich Whitney's help, repelled the super mutants' attempts to settle in West Seattle. They went north instead. Shortly afterwards, Otto Wernher and his squad of footsoldiers disappeared on patrol, last seen fighting super mutants. Foul play was suspected, but no investigation was made, as the New Order was stretched as it was. Flynn became more paranoid and took in a new ally, the New Order's only female squad leader, Arya. She secretly hated Whitney for his treatment the slaves but did not voice that as her reason for disliking him, not wanting to seem weak even in private.

The second event was the destruction of the Pens to a devastating fire. In the wee hours of June 13, 2224, a fire began near the front door and soon blocked off the main entrance. The footsoldiers and staff within the Pens soon awoke and began trying to orderly shepherd the breeding stock out of the burning building. But the women inside would not have any of it. After a large number of them were let out of their room, the women revolted against their handlers. The New Order footsoldiers were surprised by the attackers and overwhelmed. The women took their revenge on the cowering Mike Flynn and tore him apart as the building burned and fell apart around them. By the time reinforcements had arrived, they found a fiery pier and heard pained screams from within. The New Order, fearing a revolt from the women inside and word getting out about what they did, fired upon anyone trying to get out of the burning building. The experience scarred many present.

After the death of Flynn and disappearance of Wernher, Arya faded into the background, fearing for her life. At the same time, Commander Harper began to doubt the word of Whitney due to the disappearances of his enemies and the lack of "riches" Whitney had previously mentioned. He began distancing himself from Whitney but by then it was too late. The wheels in Aldrich Whitney's head were turning, and he made his next move.

On August 6, 2224, Commander Jay Harper was found dead in his bed, unmarked and with seemingly no cause of death. Of course everyone suspected Whitney being the culprit, but by that point, no one was willing to accuse him of such a crime with no evidence and their life possibly being on the line. The selection of the next commander of the New Order went quickly and with Whitney's "help", the pliable old Zelig Wilkins was made the new commander. One of his first moves was formally welcoming Whitney and his conscripts into the New Order. This move angered many within the New Order and next couple of weeks were spent trying to mediate any potential civil conflicts. Nonetheless, Aldrich Whitney was confident that he was in control.

However, he was unaware of the fact that Otto Wernher was still alive and at that very moment searching for evidence to take Whitney down. He had faked his death to follow a rumor he heard: that dirt on Aldrich Whitney could be found in the flooded remains of a particular pre-War building once owned by Martha Lore, the founder of Martha's Gulch. He and his squad had bugged out and discovered the building quite quickly. However, entrance to the building was harder. The door inside was underwater, so Otto swam to find it. However, it was also blocked off by rubble. Otto Wernher sat at the building for almost two months trying to get in with explosives while fending off local raiders and mutants. That did not work and by August, Otto had almost given up.

That is until one morning when Otto and his squad woke to hear the roar of an engine. Their sentry started yelling that a V-150 was fast approaching their camp through the water. The footsoldiers tried to prepare for a fight but the V-150 barreled through their camp quick as lightning, ran over a man, and stopped in front of the building they had been trying to enter. Otto and his squad, fearing a possible appearance by Whitney, scrambled for cover. However, the people that the squad saw emerge from the vehicle were not Whitney's men or even from the New Order. They were strangers, and one of them looked Chinese. One of the footsoldiers tried to take a potshot at the man, but Otto stopped him, wanting to see who theses people were.

After stepping out of his vehicle, one of the strangers introduced himself as Alex and apologized for running over the squad's camp. While wanting to shoot the Asian and the black, Otto and his squad were nonetheless intrigued and continued listening. After a short introduction from rest of the team, Dagger Initiative: KR-11, Alex asked if the squad would like to come to talk. Otto and his men, crouched behind sunken rubble, briefly discussed in German whether they should do it. They eventually decided that they should talk but at the same time hide their intentions or their "ideological leanings" and hold off shooting the Asian until later.

Otto emerged first from the rubble, in his now dusted up modified riot gear. He walked up to the V-150 and greeted the team, shaking Alex's hand. After some more introductions, Otto told KR-11 that he and his squad had been trying to get into the building that KR-11 had parked in front of to obtain some information. Alex responded that they also wanted to obtain something from the building, the basement specifically. It seemed an understood agreement that neither side ask any more questions. However, the fact that Alex did not say specifically what he was looking for still made Otto suspicious. Trying to be pragmatic, Otto suggested they help each other gain entry into the building. The KR-11 team got together to decide on this and soon accepted Otto's offer to assistance.

For the next three days, the New Order squad and the Dagger Initiative team worked side-by-side trying to get into the building. The footsoldiers were soon surprised to learn that KR-11 were originally from way before the war, the last relics of a bygone era, but seemed skeptical of their goal to "rebuild America". Otto Wernher in particular took an interest in Alexander "Alex" Allsgood and Catherine "Cat" Bradford. Otto was fascinated by the concept of college and wanted to know all about it. Otto conversed with Alex about his college experiences at the University of Miami and in return, told the man some of his own experiences in battle which equally interested Alex. Otto's interest in Cat came from a latent attraction to her and his curiosity about her drawings of the post-War world. He even posed for her at one point. The other footsoldiers in the squad were also interested in Kat but much less so for her drawings. Otto managed to get them to behave. So instead, they focused their adoration on Elliott Campbell, an actual pre-War soldier. Campbell seemed to enjoy the attention. The footsoldiers also seemed to like Maxwell Taylor and his tarot cards, though less so than Campbell.

Meanwhile, Otto and his squad ignored Han Fo Dan, Juniper Romanowski, and Edward Lee Jackson unless they were forced to work with them. That was because Han was Asian (they planned to shoot him later), Romanowski was Polish (practically subhuman by New Order standards), and Jackson was black and distrusted them from the start (Otto disdained the concept of male nurses as well). This led to tensions growing between the two groups and within the Dagger Initiative team. Luckily for them though, Otto and his squad were smart enough to keep their mouths shut about their disdain for non-whites and male nurses, and everything went as planned.

On the third day, they figured it out. A few people could enter the building by climbing through the second story windows using bungee cords provided by KR-11. Cat, Campbell, Han, Otto, and another footsoldier named Dietrich volunteered to make the climb. Otto was the first up and assisted the others. From there, the two groups split up with Otto and Dietrich looking for Martha Lore's personal terminal while Cat, Campbell, and Han went down some rickety stairs to the first floor, then the basement.

Otto and Dietrich scanned all the second floor terminals but found nothing. They made their way up two more floors before finding the executive office and Martha Lore's name on a plaque on the outside of a closed door. Dietrich kicked the door down and went inside. He subsequently died of a thirty foot drop as part of the floor had collapsed. Otto cried out Dietrich's name but upon hearing no response, he continued his mission. In the middle of the room was a desk and terminal, intact. Carefully making his way over the holes in the floor, Otto made his way to the terminal, hacked it, and read the content. What he found shocked him.

It was indeed Martha Lore's terminal, and it had way too many entries. However, Otto was drawn to the messages labelled DAGGER COMMITTEE, drawing the connection between that and the strangers he had recently met. The messages detailed Martha Lore's story of involvement then disinterest in the Dagger Initiative. That did not interest Otto, and he continued. The terminal also included the clandestine methods Martha's Gulch had come about. However, what really caught Otto's attention was one of Martha's last sent messages, an apology sent to the Dagger Committee explaining her recent absences from meetings. On the message's mailing list was one Aldrich Whitney. Impossible. However, as he considered what had happened, it made so much sense to Otto. The pre-War knowledge, the equipment, the knowledge of supply caches. Then, Otto also realized that Whitney and KR-11 both possessed V-150s, a vehicle unique in the wasteland. Otto berated himself for not realizing this, quickly loaded the needed information onto a holodisc, and made his way downstairs. Could the team be allied with Whitney, and he not even know it?

Not seeing the Dagger Initiative team, Otto decided to go down to the basement to see what they came for. What he found now only somewhat surprised him. The basement of the building was actually a large open space, cleaned out except for some cryo-pods. The team was huddled around a group of pods and looked rather distraught. They asked Otto why Dietrich was not with him, and Otto coldly replied that he had "taken a fall".

It turned out that the pods were the cryo-pods of another Dagger Initiative team, KR-10. Three cyropods contained corpses while the others were missing. They saw this as possible evidence of a conspiracy within the Initiative and were very concerned. Feeling that it might be in his own interest to help them find some answers, Otto mentioned that the terminal upstairs might be of some use, since Martha Lore seemed to have been part of the Dagger Initiative.

Making their way back up, the team looked through the terminal while Otto hung back while still listening intently. He heard them mention Aldrich Whitney's name and discuss the man, mentioning that he was part the Dagger Committee alongside Martha Lore. When one of them was about to dismiss the possibility he was still alive, Otto decided that it was time to put himself out there and tell the truth, at least in part.

Entering the room (and avoiding the hole near the door), Otto sidled in and got the team's attention. He told them about the New Order's situation with Whitney and that he had been searching for evidence to turn the group against Whitney. He had now found it, thought not in the form of a holodisc but in people.

The team was taken aback by Otto's situation and chastised him for not telling them sooner but still seemed sympathetic. Alex and Campbell in particular promised Otto that they would assist Otto's people in breaking away from Whitney's tyranny. However, Otto's pity plea only made Han more suspicious of him, wondering why the group would willingly ally with a man as evil as Whitney.

The group continued discussing what they should do next as they exited the building and descended to the streets. There they found the footsoldiers and the other members of KR-11 arguing. Apparently after fighting off some super mutants, one of the footsoldiers had called Juniper a pollack and threatened to "make her sing like a bird". Otto calmed down the situation and apologized to Juniper on the behalf of his men. He wanted the team's help and could not risk alienating them.

That night, the footsoldiers and KR-11 sat down to figure out their next move. Two of the footsoldiers wanted to storm into West Seattle guns blazing and take Whitney out quickly. Otto refuted that by saying it would only make the rest of the New Order attack them. He instead suggested publicly exposing Whitney for the snake he was and having the rest of the New Order aid them in killing Whitney and his cronies. Everyone agreed to these, but Kat added that Whitney likely had Dagger Initiative members with him, and KR-11 would like to recover them, preferably alive. Otto and the other footsoldiers reluctantly agreed to it.

As the others went to sleep, Otto and Alex had another of their midnight conversations, though this time not about college or Otto's battlefield exploits. They discussed the future and what they planned to do after Whitney was dead. Otto was forced to lie constantly to avoid telling Alex more about the New Order, which he did not enjoy. Otto did not really enjoy what he planned to do to KR-11 either, enjoying their company and conversation, but it had to be done, for the good of his people. Alex's most piercing question though was why did Otto show no emotion when his comrade died? Otto answered that he had been trained not to think about it and that after a while, you get used to it. This really seemed to affect Alex, but Otto did not consider that too much, going to sleep afterwards.

The day afterwards KR-11 and the squad of footsoldiers piled into the V-150 and headed for West Seattle. On the way, the footsoldiers finally learned that Han was Vietnamese, not Chinese. None of them even knew what Vietnam was. The trip was quiet after that.

The V-150 reached the Junction by afternoon and stopped outside the settlement. Otto told KR-11 to stay put while he contacted his people and made them aware of the situation. He would leave behind the other footsoldiers in case of trouble.

Otto made his way the barricades outside the Junction at nighttime and was greeted by two footsoldiers standing guard. He declared himself as Otto Wernher and demanded entry. The two footsoldiers, awestruck that Otto was alive, allowed him to pass.

That night before dinner at the Junction, Otto made himself known to the main body of footsoldiers there. He declared that he had returned from the wasteland, (supposedly surviving a assassination attempt) with evidence of Whitney's treachery. Otto showed off the holodisc he had taken from Martha Lore's terminal, reading the entries aloud at some points. He even showed off a picture of Whitney found in one of the messages. Whitney was not who he said Otto even read out one of Whitney's messages that stated he had at one time been married to a Mexican woman. This in particular outraged the men of the Junction and soon they were all on Otto's side. After some discussion, they decided to march on the New Order's headquarters immediately to "dethrone" Whitney and depose Wilkins, his puppet commander. The men prepared to march.

Otto then ran outside to the V-150 and ordered them to get to the New Order's headquarters as quickly as possible. Otto wanted to make the most use of KR-11 before they figured out he was playing them. He figured that they should kill Whitney with their vehicle first, then he could easily dispatch them before of his idiotic men said something unforgivably bigoted. And so the V-150 went.

When the V-150 had reached its destination, Whitney had already realized what was happening, at least partially. So, he rolled out with in his own V-150 and another, an army of conscripts, and his still loyal footsoldiers to face the lone V-150 facing him.

Campbell took to the mounted machine gun while Alex, Cat, Han, Otto, and three other footsoldiers were let out of the V-150 to engage the enemy directly. The rest stayed in the vehicle to jointly assist in driving the V-150 while a single footsoldier stayed behind under Otto's order to secure the vehicle after the battle ended.

At first, the fight was rough, going up against such lop-sided odds. KR-11's V-150 dueled Whitney's two while the seven on the ground took on everyone else. Two of Otto's squad were killed in the crossfire and Cat was injured, but they kept on fighting, jumping for cover through the swampy ruins.

As the hour dragged on though, Whitney's men began to lose heart. Several footsoldiers, seeing Wernher and realizing they were fighting their own, turned their guns on the Whitney's conscripts and Commander Wilkins. Meanwhile, two Dagger Revanchists, members of the Dagger Initiative press-ganged into joining Whitney, recognized the KR-11 as another team and laid down their arms to surrender. One of them was wounded by Otto, but the two were eventually rescued by KR-11.

The tide really turned when one of Whitney's V-150s, the one he was not in, struck a plasma mine laid by defected footsoldiers and the New Order reinforcements finally arrived. Whitney saw that the battle was turning against him and so ordered a swift retreat south, out of Seattle. Whitney's V-150 zipped off, and most of his conscript army demurely followed behind him, while some others surrendered to the New Order and surprisingly were mostly spared.

The New Order celebrated Whitney's defeat even as they were still on the battlefield, giving great war whoops and firing off their guns. They quickly became very suspicious of the Dagger Initiative members amongst them, though they did not attack them since they knew Otto was protecting them for some reason. Some made glares and jeers at Han while eyeing Cat like a piece of meat. Otto knew then that he had very little time left. He just needed the vehicle to come back so he could have it. But time did not wait that long. Before KR-11's V-150 appeared (for it seemed to have disappeared), one of the footsoldiers asked Otto why he had gotten a gook slave.

With that Otto Wernher's plans fell apart. Han flew at the footsoldier with a combat knife and sunk it into his face. Alex, not hearing what the footsoldier had said, panicked and tried to pull Han off the man to save face. Otto knew he could not keep the masquerade up any longer after that and declared that "the prisoners were acting up" and commanded the footsoldiers to kill the team, save for the woman. This only confused KR-11 for a second before they swung into action before the New Order footsoldiers could react. They fired into the mob of tired footsoldiers and ran for cover in the ruins with Otto and the rest hot on their heels.

The New Order pursued the KR-11 team on foot for a couple of miles until they holed up in the ruins of High Point, a familiar haunt of the New Order. The footsoldiers surrounded the area, and Otto, confident of the safety provided by his modified riot gear, strode into no man's land and gave terms of surrender to the team. Alex shot back a no and and called Otto a treacherous snake for what he did. Otto was offended by this and explained his twisted motivations: the survival of the New Order and ultimately the white race in this harsh wasteland. He apologized to Alex and wished he could do this another way but could not see or think of one from the start. With the refusal of his terms, Otto turned around to leave to only be nailed in the back by bullet. Luckily for Otto, his armor held out with him getting up and commanding the attack. The attack lasted only five minutes and it looked like it was over for the KR-11 team. That is, until the team's V-150 came barreling through the New Order's lines, guns blazing. Many footsoldiers ran in the path of the mighty vehicle even as Otto tried to hold the line. That is until machine fire caught him full in the face, and Otto was thrown back almost ten feet. After that, the New Order footsoldiers fled the field, taking their wounded and dead with them without the prize Otto had so desired.

It turned out that the footsoldier inside the V-150 had been overwhelmed by the team but at the same time had sent them veering off course through the streets of Seattle. It was already hard enough to drive without Alexander anyways, and it took quite a time for the V-150 to find the team. But that did not matter, because they came in time. With that, the remaining KR-11 members on the ground were taken in and the team drove south, out of the madness of Seattle.

In the aftermath of the disaster at High Point, the New Order was thrown into chaos. Commander Zelig Wilkins had been killed, Aldrich Whitney had fled, and Otto Wernher was injured and despondent, so a vacuum formed and a brief power struggle began. Several less educated footsoldiers scrambled at the opportunity to take power by force while the more educated ones held on tightly. The violence eventually was quelled In late 2224, an intellectual, Pierre Collins, was elected Commander. Soon afterwards, Otto Wernher awoke from his coma, missing one eye and part of his face. Otto luckily still retained his ambitious attitude though, and he and his eye patch remained a common feature within the New Order for years to come.

The first order of business after being commander for Collins was further investigating Martha Lore's former building for any more information or toys with the help of a recovered Otto Wernher. They found only some gold in the building's safe and the cryo-pods, which the New Order promptly took back to the Junction for their own use. There were celebrations, and Commander Collins declared things were "back to normal".

However, things would never be "normal" again. The New Order had been dealt a heavy blow in the last couple of years, losing their largest means of new soldiers, the Pens, and a substantial number of footsoldiers in the fallout of Aldrich Whitney. The cryo-pods and some good equipment were all they had to show for it. At the very least, the New Order had its last large generation from the Pens waiting in the wings for them.

In the next couple of years, the New Order's enemies began smelling blood and started to ramp up their attacks. In 2227, a Chinatown militia managed to cooperate with super mutants to completely wipe out a New Order patrol in downtown Seattle. This made the New Order seem weak and enraged many footsoldiers. In response, Commander Collins planned out a terror campaign against Seattle at large to reinforce their image as the merciless lords of West Seattle. This campaign was carried out in 2229, mainly against Emerald City, Capitol Hill, Chinatown, and King County International Airport with some secondary targets as well. It caused little real damage and was completely foiled in Emerald City but had the effect of showing the New Order was indeed not weak. Still, raiders from the airport attacked West Seattle in retaliation, leading to three years of almost continuous fighting. The New Order stayed the line but was ground down further by the war of attrition with the raiders and other occasional attackers.

In 2230, the raiders seemed to let up on the New Order and instead focused on improving their caravan racket. The New Order was still fighting Chinatown militias and Geigers commonly but at least could walk around West Seattle feeling safe. Nonetheless to everyone's shock, Commander Collins was sniped by an unknown person in 2230, and the New Order was forced to search for a new commander. Otto Wernher rose to the occasion and finally achieved his long-maligned ambition to lead the New Order, even if it was in a weakened and embattled state.

The next decade or so, Commander Wernher spent attempting to rebuild the New Order while still fighting off their numerous enemies. Wernher's optimism about uplifting the New Order to new heights turned to cynicism. They were surrounded on all sides and fighting a war they could never win. Their enemies had began cooperating against them and were only repelled by the New Order's superior equipment and firepower. Wernher wished they could just uproot from Seattle and go somewhere else but knew that was never going to happen.

However, even as the New Order's numbers were chipped away, new faces and personalities rose to bring hope to embattled group. It was a time of heroes and monsters.

The first was Henry Barstow, a former Dagger Revanchist and the last of Aldrich's pre-War team left alive. A living relic, Henry was able to point the New Order to valuable pre-War loot and often entertained them with stories of his oft-questioned heroism from before the war. This was reflected in his below par fighting skills. However, Barstow was still well liked within the New Order, and Commander Wernher leaned on him for advice about pre-War matters.

Another was Scutari, the idiot savant footsoldier. One of the last babies born at the Pens, Scutari was, through mutation, blessed with a giant's body and cursed with a child's mind. Scutari overcame his handicap however and eventually grew to become the model footsoldier in the New Order, known throughout Seattle for his sense of justice and frankness. This was far from the truth, but it worked for the New Order.

The last figure to emerge in this period was Paul Turner, a rare idealist within the New Order. Seeing the devastation wrought by the New Order's constant state of war from a young age shaped Turner's worldview, and he became determined to reform the New Order and bring peace. Turner knew he could not do this as an limped-wristed intellectual and so set out to become a rank and file footsoldier, overcoming numerous physical ailments to do so. Turner gained the respect of many of his fellow footsoldiers through his tactical thinking and planning, a stark but effective contrast to Scutari's guns blazing approach. He became especially prominent after his effective defense of an isolated New Order outpost against an entire Chinatown militia in 2235. He also managed to mediate a truce with the Geigers and even established some limited trade.

The late 2230s and early 2240s saw the New Order experience a small bump with the glut of talent supporting them. This short period of success undercut the New Order's shrinking numbers and influence. This was reinforced in 2241. The New Order won a major victory over the Chinatown militias right outside their town and crippled the town's military influence for decades to come but at the same time lost their commander, Otto Wernher, to a stray bullet. Luckily for them though, the rather paranoid Wernher had a successor in the wings who would go on to change the group for better or worse: Paul Turner.

No Way Back

"This looks bad, I know, but it can be fixed. I have faith in the abilities of this great organization and myself to save us from destruction."
―Commander Paul Turner speaking of the New Order's various conflicts and diplomacy

Upon becoming commander, Paul Turner made it his primary goal to finally end the New Order's continuous state of war, bring peace, and rebuild.

Commander Turner called together the elite of the New Order to assess their current situation and lay out his plans for the future. Many of them disagreed with the concept of peace with people of "inferior race", but none of them could dismiss that the New Order seemed on its way out. So, they looked at several different groups around the area and the New Order's relationships with them. In the end, it was decided that peace would be optimal condition for all the New Order's enemies and a solution could reached through diplomacy. This was except for Chinatown, who Commander Turner knew he would never be able to make peace with.

The first step was allowing caravans to pass through West Seattle unharassed, which was pretty easy. The New Order's progress in diplomacy was stemmed slightly in 2242 by a concentrated raider campaign against them, but they managed to pull through and start the process. The raiders at King County International Airport, one of the New Order's primary enemies, were the first group Commander Turner met with diplomatically in 2242, bringing Henry Barstow with him. The raiders turned out to be more civilized than expected and their warlord, Fisk, took a liking to Barstow, even offering to buy him from Turner. The commander refused and instead managed to get a lasting peace after six days of talks, albeit with some annual tribute paid.

This peace was seen as a victory to many, but its cost, yearly tribute, made New Order footsoldiers balk. Luckily for Commander Turner though, opposition to him was still limited to talk, mostly amongst knuckleheads like Scutari.

For the next five years, Commander Turner continued his diplomatic approach which seemed to see the New Order's (and his) enemies melt away. The war against Chinatown continued at this time, though at a low ebb. In 2243, a peace was reached with Emerald City for three cryo-pods to be used for unspecified reasons. In 2244, a peace was reached with several raider groups and the main group of super mutants led by Ross for a promise of non-interference in their respective areas while Turner's primary opposition within the New Order, Scutari, was disgraced. 2245, 2246, and 2247 were more of the same, and things were looking up for the New Order, with new births and time for relaxation. Conflict slowed down to a trickle, and the New Order seemed to be on the edge of a epiphany, a reversal of their former notorious policy of "shoot on sight".

However, unknown to any in the New Order, they were being watched by outside forces. Atlas Guard had been watching them for a couple of years now and were thoroughly disgusted by their actions. Wanting to eliminate their enemies for good and bring justice to the New Order's many victims, the Guard reached out to many groups in Seattle to coordinate a massive attack on West Seattle to break the New Order for good. The groups that agreed to cooperate were the vault dwellers in Emerald City, the King County International Airport raiders, the U.S. Army remnants in Campbell Armory, and Chinatown with its militias naturally. The little coalition was uncoordinated and snappy with each other, but soon, the New Order would play right into their hands.

In late 2247, Commander Paul Turner and a delegation arrived at Campbell Armory to make peace with the ghouls there. The ghouls, U.S. Army remnants who remembered the New Order's treachery and did not want to make peace, captured Turner and his delegation and turned them into robobrains. This shocking move did not even reach the New Order before the ghouls gave their "friends" the go-ahead to attack.

The attack came suddenly and seemingly from all sides. Guards, ghouls, raiders, and Chinese militiamen overwhelmed the New Order's outposts and fortifications in West Seattle and soon moved on their settlements. The first was Camp Long.

This attack happened to coincide with the attack of a band of bounty hunters seeking to avenge the death of a Jewish caravaner, only confusing things. Henry Barstow, realizing the weight of the situation, attempted to rally the footsoldiers to defend Camp Long against overwhelming numbers. He managed to hold out for reinforcements that never came for three hours before the old man was submerged by a wave of Chinatown militiamen. After Barstow's death, Camp Long was lost.

Next came the Junction, held by the indomitable Trey Luger. The Junction, well-fortified and occupied by many footsoldiers, proved more resistant than Camp Long, and the coalition moved on to other parts of West Seattle. Luger, stubborn to a fault, refused to take the opportunity to retreat and instead tried to harass the coalition's forces.

The rest of the New Order's outposts and safehouses in West Seattle fell one by one until only their headquarters and the Junction remained. The New Order headquarters fell first to Atlas Guard, defended by a few desperate remnants headed by Scutari (last seen screaming maniacally while firing his Avenger minigun). After the fall of headquarters, the Junction was surrounded and besieged. Luger, only now understanding what defeat might mean, tried to get a conditional surrender from the commander of Atlas Guard but was refused. The coalition wanted the New Order's heads, and they would get them one way or another.

On the second day of the siege, part of the Junction's defenses were obliterated by a Fat Man. The coalition rushed through the gap and a great slaughter was had. Hundreds died that day. Trey Luger died with a scowl on his face and a bullet between his eyes. However, in the confusion of the battle, many footsoldiers and their families did manage to escape the carnage.


"Oh cool! Ranger armor!"
―A scavenger mistaking a New Order corpse's armor for an NCR Ranger's

The New Order ceased to have any coherency as an organization after the destruction of its last stronghold in West Seattle, the Junction. The coalition put together to destroy the group initially tried to hunt their remaining members but soon gave up because the task's impracticality.

Individual footsoldiers scattered, with some becoming raiders, others fleeing the area, and still others settling in other parts of Seattle, trying to put their past lives behind them. The third group was most successful in their endeavors.

Small groups of footsoldiers, women, and children also fled the New Order's destruction. They were roughly in two groups: those going south and those going west, back to the Olympian Peninsula. Those going south mostly died quickly from dangers along the road, with the exception of a group that would go on to found the slavers known as the Crosses. Those going west survived longer, sneaking past Martha's Gulch and taking refuge with the past maligned Watchmen, who welcomed them. After discovering this, Atlas Guard mobilized and systematically wiped out any remnants of the New Order in the Olympian Peninsula and broke the Watchmen as an organization.

Individual survivors mostly kept their beliefs and past affiliation with the New Order to themselves, figuring they would survive longer that way. They hid away their armor and their symbols, but no one forgot them. The Celtic cross is still a sign that stirs fear in the heart of those from Chinatown. Individual survivors died off one by one until only a single known survivor was left, perhaps ironically the only New Order member regularly open about being part of the group with thousands of people.

The Crosses, spiritual descendants of the New Order while also taking inspiration from Aldritch Whitney, survived for a while as slavers living large. However, their slaving ways eventually came back to bite them, and they were massacred by their own slaves.

The New Order's symbols and grafitti still litter Seattle, as no one has ever made a concentrated effort to remove them all. This leaves a sense of intimidation even after the group has been gone for years. Their equipment, though less common, is also found around Seattle (and sometimes other places) and is highly valued by scavengers who have been known to fight to death over single suit of modified riot gear.

The New Order's camp in Martha's Gulch is currently occupied by traders and civilians. Their bases in West Seattle are mostly peopled by settlers from Emerald City and travelers from the south. The New Order's former headquarters is now the base of operation for the local branch of the Gun Runners. This has led to some discomfort with customers in Seattle and Chinatown's total refusal to buy from the Gun Runners at all.


The New Order had the most advanced and regimented uniforms of the groups from Martha's Gulch. The footsoldiers of the New Order wore modified riot gear, keeping a high standard for themselves. As their supply of riot gear began to shrink in the 2200s, the New Order were forced to take other less elite equipment. With the help of Aldrich Whitney and his Dagger Revanchists however, the New Order managed to acquire more useful equipment from the Dagger Initiative, at a cost eventually.

Their staple weapons were the brush gun, the 9mm pistol, the riot shotgun, and the combat knife. Other unique weapons included the anti-material rifle, the marksman carbine, and the hatchet.


The New Order's culture was a hodgepodge of different white supremacist groups jammed into one group. Their main symbol, the Celtic cross, owed its origins to the prison tattoos of the Aryan Brotherhood. German was taught as a second language to emphasize the groups supposed "Germanic" origins, relating loosely to Neo-Nazis (who the New Order carefully dissassociated themselves from in pre-War times). Other elements were taken from Christian Identity groups and lone wolf manifestos but features more in the New Order's ideological and religious beliefs.

The New Order valued martial prowess above all else, with almost every able-bodied male in the group being fighters. They were taught to be brutal in combat, to not give quarter, and to expect none from their enemies. Demonizing their enemies and non-white races until right before their end, the New Order exercised a policy of kill on sight, something that caught up with them in the end.

Women in the New Order were valued as mothers and sometimes, very rarely, comrades. Non-white and enemy females however were regarded as less than human, means of pleasure and reproduction, no more. Mixed children of unions between New Order members and non-white captives were usually aborted or abandoned. However, if the child had "sufficient features", they would be sterilized but still trained to become footsoldiers.


Preferring open warfare to guerrilla tactics, the New Order utilized their superior equipment and weapons to great effect. They liked to make great shows of force against their enemies to "make a point". However, after years of continual warfare and being ground to nothing these tactics proved to be the death of the New Order in the end.

They also utilized motorized boats to reach flooded parts of Seattle and quickly transport footsoldiers around the city.

Notable Members

Paul Turner

Paul Turner
The last leader of a unified New Order, Paul Turner is regarded with mixed feelings to say the least.

Paul Turner was born in Seattle in 2214, only a few years after the New Order and his parent fled Martha's Gulch. Born in a heavily-guarded New Order safehouse in West Seattle, Paul was raised and trained by his parents in the Seattle area, becoming very familiar with it at an early age. He was educated in books by his mother and in war by his father. For his love of books and his glasses, Paul was mocked as a "bookworm" by his fellow trainees. Getting his first taste of real combat in 2232, Paul swiftly earned a reputation for being a crack shot and being able to think fast on his feet. This was especially surprising seeing as Paul had to wear glasses to help his vision.

Turner earned a great deal of respect from the rest of the New Order when he commanded a defense of an outpost in downtown from an attack from Chinatown in 2235. Later in 2236, Turner managed to mediate a truce between the New Order and the Geigers and also established trade. This, plus some more battlefield victories, greatly boosted Turner's profile within the New Order. Fearing a possible coup, the New Order's current commander Otto Wernher decided to appoint Turner to be his successor. He was respected by the others in the New Order but still scoffed at by many for his youth, diplomatic bent, and intellectualism.

Upon Wernher's death in 2241 at the hands of a Chinatown militia, Paul Turner stepped up to become commander. Immediately upon coming to power, Turner called together the New Order's top men and assessed their current situation. They looked at several different groups around the area and the New Order's relationship with them.

Commander Turner decided that the best move by the New Order would be to make peace with many of their enemies so their spent forces could be rebuilt. This approach based on diplomacy made many in the New Order uncomfortable, but they trusted Turner to do right by them.

Turner first decided to try to make peace with the raiders at King County International Airport, one of the New Order's primary enemies, in 2242. Escorted by several New Order footsoldiers and flying a flag of truce, Turner came to the airport to meet with the raider warlord there, Fisk. Turner was greeted hospitably by Fisk who was surprised by the diplomatic approach, and the two talked for days hammering out an agreement. They came to one after six days.

This agreement was seen as a victory to Commander Turner. However, its cost (yearly tribute to Fisk) made many New Order footsoldiers balk. Luckily for the commander though, opposition to him was still limited to talk. As long as their race war against their ancient enemy Chinatown continued, most of the New Order was happy enough.

Turner's diplomatic approach continued successfully until 2247, when the last large raider group made peace with the New Order. The only groups left fighting were Chinatown (who Turner planned to deal with last if at all), some minor raider groups, and the ghoulified Campbell Armory U.S. Army remnants. Even though they were mutants, Turner was willing to extend a chance for peace to the ghouls in Campbell Armory.

Coming to Campbell Armory with several footsoldiers and a flag of truce, Commander Turner was allowed to enter the armory. He was greeted by the ghoul's leader before shots started going off.

Turner awoke tied to a chair in a darkened room with a radio playing nearby. A ghoul in scrubs picked through medical equipment ranging from bonesaws to scalpels. The ghoul surgeon observed that Turner had awakened and chuckled. That would be no matter. Revenge was revenge consious or not.

In the next week, Commander Turner of the New Order had his brain removed, his body disposed of, and his memory wiped by CODE conditioning. The ghouls not only wanted to humiliate him, but they also wanted to make use of him as well. So, they deposited Turner in a new robobrain body and put him into combat against the subsequently collapsing New Order.

By the time the New Order had totally fragmented, attacked by both Atlas Guard and the U.S. Army remnants, the robobrain containing Turner's brain had switched hands to the Guard to be paraded around as a kind of trophy. Turner even got to visit his ancestor's home in Martha's Gulch for the first time in 2248, albeit in robobrain form. Since then, he has roamed around Martha's Gulch mindlessly, which is probably better than the alternative of knowing the true extent of his failure and feeling its pain.


Heinrich, once a footsoldier, as of 2287 is quite possibly the last surviving member of the New Order.

Heinrich was born in 2217 to one the few female footsoldiers in the New Order, Maxine, and an unknown father. The stigma of single motherhood ostracized both her and Heinrich from most of the rest of the New Order. As a child, Heinrich struggled to overcome his recruit's relentless teasing, physical abuse, and his own insecurities. Heinrich focused his difficulties into the New Order's ideology of racism and hatred of other races. That gained the approval of many others in the New Order, and Heinrich continued his vitriol throughout his life as a result.

He managed to finally become a footsoldier in 2235 and was soon enough put on the front lines against the New Order's enemies in Seattle.

In the twelve years he served in Seattle, Heinrich's experience was nothing short of hellish. He fought against a myriad of different enemies: super mutants, mirelurks, raiders, and robots. His most fierce enemy however were the various militias from Chinatown. Heinrich saw the battle between the New Order and Chinatown as fundamentally a Clash of Civilizations and a continuation of the Sino-American War. After numerous brutal battles with Chinatown militias and one particular bloodbath outside of Chinatown, Heinrich actually began to develop a fear of the Chinese. His other footsoldiers found his phobia kind of funny and often teased Heinrich about it.

After Paul Turner's death in 2247, the New Order came under attack from all sides and subsequently splintered apart. Heinrich, along with three other New Order footsoldiers, went south to escape death, only to find plenty at the hands of raiders and wildlife.

In late 2248, Heinrich was camping at the foot of Mount Saint Helens, the only footsoldier from his group left. He went there to escape superstitious tribals who feared the mountain (for good reason). After some more exploration around Mount Saint Helens, Heinrich found a pre-War radio station nestled on the mountain's slopes. He then packed up his camp and moved to his new home, a radio station.

It was there in 2249, while fiddling with the station's radio equipment, Heinrich started broadcasting across Cascadia. Seeing radio as a way of venting about his predicament, Heinrich made the first Mouth of Mount Saint Helens broadcast in 2249 and has not stopped since. The mix of racial hatred and conspiracy theories has kept many in Cascadia ironically entertained.

Others were not so entertained and numerous social justice groups from out of Seattle have tried to shut down Heinrich over the years with mercenaries. That combined with occasional raider attacks has led to Heinrich becoming even more paranoid, booby trapping much of Mount Saint Helens around his radio station as a result. So far, this has worked out well for Heinrich, leaving him in voluntary isolation. Now, the only real contact he has with the outside world is his radio station.

Frank Parmenter

Frank Parmenter
A troubled man even by New Order standards, Frank Parmenter created the infamous Pens and operated them for almost thirty years.

Frank Parmenter was born in Redding before the Great War to a poor family. They did not live there for long though, moving east to northern Nevada. Frank grew up to be a rather cruel child, bullying other children.

Even though he was successful in school, Frank's parents did not pay attention to him, going to work and leaving him at home after school. Left at home to his own devices, Frank fell in with the "wrong crowd", aka the foundling New Order. For all their downsides, they kept him off chems and gave him a sense of purpose. Frank worked as a numbers guy.

That did not prevent Frank from developing a very perverse personality during his late teenage years, though he never had much success with women. This and his "use" of robots alienated many others in the local New Order, but he luckily wasn't penalized for it. The only reason Frank never tried rape was because he could knew he could never get away with it. Frank also began to take up smoking.

When the New Order consolidated its forces in Idaho in 2076 before going to Martha's Gulch, Frank Parmenter joined them. Soon enough, he was in Martha's Gulch and the bombs fell.

Stuck in a cramped fallout shelter, Frank was forced to quit smoking and excessive mastrubation. This royally pissed Frank off which led to him participating in several of the clashes that forced the New Order out of the fallout shelter. Frank was happy to be able to smoke again.

Topside, Frank was forced to become a scout and journey to the radioactive ruins of Seattle. Frank feared that he might die from radiation poisoning but had no other choice besides deserting which he did not have the stomach to do.

Going into Seattle in 2078, Frank was surprised to find the city not only habitable but also inhabited by remnants of the U.S. government. This delighted Frank, as he found that there were a lot of refugees trying to make their way to Seattle, many of them female. Using his weapons and equipment, Frank captured several female refugees in his spare times and made them his personal sex slaves, locked up in a shed in West Seattle. He adapted pretty well to the post-War world.

Ignoring the disgust and horror his "harem" regarded him with, Frank had a good time in chaotic Seattle, being well-armed and armored. However, as the New Order moved into Seattle and found Frank again, his superiors ordered him to stop his activities and rejoin the group. Disappointed, Frank was forced to put down all of his sex slaves and burned the shack they were housed in. He returned to the rest of the New Order soon after that.

Frank was uneasy having to work with the U.S. Army remnants but was sure his superiors had his best intentions in mind. He and the rest of the New Order were surprised by the appearance of Skull-Taker and his band in 2079. Fearing the cannibals' attack, Frank accompanied the rest of the New Order back to Martha's Gulch away from Seattle.

Back in Martha's Gulch, Frank Parmenter grew bored of simply getting by keeping track of the New Order's supplies. He just wanted to be back "getting tail". So, in the next year or so, he begged to be a scout in the Seattle area. The New Order finally granted Frank's request in 2082, and he returned to West Seattle.

There, Frank rebuilt his "harem" to the disgust of many others in the New Order who were forced to still tolerate Frank due to his competence. The duty Frank had to do gave him a lot of free time to think between fighting over the years. So, after hearing problems about the New Order's fertility problems, Frank began to draw up plans to resolve the problem.

After ten years of essentially sitting on his ass and sending back information to the New Order, Frank Parmenter finally presented his plans to his superiors in Martha's Gulch, in secret of course.

Frank's plan was essentially to set aside some buildings away from Martha's Gulch outside Seattle and convert them into breeding pens to replenish the New Order's numbers. Initially, this repulsed many of Frank's superiors who saw it as just another of Frank's perversions. However, after hearing the estimates about the New Order current birthrates and his specifications for these breeding pens, Frank's superiors decided to give him the go-ahead to do his project with some assistance from the rest of the New Order.

It took a three years to get the buildings needed for the project renovated and during that time, Frank and a few other footsoldiers abducted several women for breeding stock. Frank, after breaking in the women, moved them into the newly-named Pens and gave his superiors the news of the project's completion.

Afterwards, Frank was made the steward of the Pens and was charged with maintaining the place, hiding its existence from larger groups, and making the process of "breeding" as easy and comfortable as possible. Frank stayed in the Pens for almost thirty years after its creation, sampling the revolving door of breeding stock, retrieving new stock, and installing turrets for protection. Frank's hedonistic lifestyle made the breeding stock and many New Order footsoldiers hate him even more, but they could not dislodge him.

Frank finally died 2115 in bed, possibly from lung cancer due to his long-term smoking. The footsoldiers that found Frank wondered if they should send Frank back to Martha's Gulch for burial but due to their dislike of them, they just threw his body out for the mongrels.


Born after the flight from Martha's Gulch, Scutari is regarded as one of the New Order's greatest footsoldiers despite of his shortcomings.

Scutari was born in 2217 in the Pens to a nameless mother and an unknown father. He was a freak of nature, the largest baby ever born to the New Order being almost the size of a small toddler. This was due to his father's irradiated DNA, a common occurrence within the New Order's ranks.

Whisked away from the Pens, Scutari was raised in the New Order's safehouses in West Seattle. As Scutari's adolescence set in, it became clear that the young giant was dumb. Not just dumb actually but quite possibly retarded. This was also accompanied by a notable speech impediment. However, that did not prevent Scutari from become incredibly popular among other youngsters in the New Order for his strength and humor while also excelling in both close combat and ranged weapons training. Mockery was mostly kept behind Scutari's back, as he often reacted violently to it.

Some were worried when Scutari went on his first combat mission in 2235, fearing that his stupidity would put the other footsoldiers at risk. However, Scutari performed beyond expectations, killing two feral ghouls effortlessly. Impressed, the New Order's leadership made him a regular in footsoldier patrols. After some initial injuries against super mutants, Scutari went on regular patrols into the downtown of Seattle.

In the following years, Scutari became a hero among many in the ranks of the New Order footsoldiers with many seeing him as a heroic, honest soldier better than the wishy-washy intellectuals who led the group. Scutari did not understand his role in this or the New Order's "race war" ideology and simply like to fight, rape, and take chems. He continued to rise in prominence after a massacre of feral ghouls in downtown Seattle in 2240 and a major battle against Chinatown militia in 2241. The battle near Chinatown in particular glorified Scutari, with him using a minigun to a great effect. The children of the group (and even some other kids on the streets of Seattle) idolized Scutari as a dumb but good-natured action hero who killed raiders and ate monsters for lunch. His square jaw became a common sight in Seattle. Scutari was luckily too stupid to understand being on a pedestal, not being able to take advantage of it.

Scutari took a hard hit in 2244 when caught attempting to rape a female member of the New Order. He got only a slap on a wrist for that, but Scutari's reputation never recovered. Once the "face of the New Order", Scutari faded back into the ranks of the footsoldiers, only remembered by the common footsoldiers and children.

Scutari's fate after the total collapse of the New Order is unknown. Most of the surviving former members of the New Order hoped that he fled north to Canada while it is more likely that he simply died during the group's collapse.



"These were no soft-bellied, conservative businessmen assembled for some Masonic mumbo-jumbo; no loudmouthed, beery red-necks letting off a little ritualized steam about "the goddamn niggers"; no pious, frightened churchgoers whining for the guidance or protection of an anthropomorphic deity. These were real men, White men... the best my race has produced... combining fiery passion and icy discipline, deep intelligence and instant readiness for action... They are the vanguard of the coming New Era, the pioneers who will lead our race out of its present depths... And I am one with them!"
―Paul Turner describing the New Order while quoting an old book almost verbatim
"The Day of the Rope is coming!"
―New Order footsoldier menacing a caravaner
"Nuka-Cola? More like Jewka cola, damn trick to control our minds."
―New Order footsoldier on Nuka-Cola, obviously an Old Ironport fan.


"The New Order. That's a delicate subject to say the least. They used to live here, in the Gulch, a long time ago. Because of their wasteful bigotry, we made them leave. If they had stopped there, we might have just left them alone. But they committed atrocities in Seattle. Horrible things. So around fifty years ago, the New Order finally went too far, and we put them down."
―President Caroline Finch when asked about the New Order
"Buncha Squares."
―Patagonia Flatts on the group
"What the New Order did can't really be called racism. It was beyond that. Some of them weren't even really human anymore."
―A Chinatown resident about the New Order
"I just about had trained them as a proper death squad before the unpleasantness. Still, all those atrocities and it only rated a Recon team response? Four years I'll never get back."
Aldrich Whitney
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