"Welcome to Pleasant side strangers, not many come out this far out in the frontier"
―Bernard Dilliger
Pleasant Side
NCR Pleasant Side Town
General Information
Location:Mojave Wasteland (border with California)
Notable Individuals:Bernard Dillinger
Factions:New California Republic
Notable events:Arrival of the Vault 14 explorers
Current status:Active

Pleasant Side was a small NCR farming and mining town on the frontier border of NCR territory, founded by a group of farmers, merchants, settlers and miners led by Bernard Dillinger, the town prospered, and was relatively well-defended thanks to the presence of NCR soldiers. The town was, however, raided by a small band of 'metal-heads', later confirmed as Enclave scouts. The town was discovered not long afterwards, by explorers from Vault 14, whom offered assistance to the Town, helping them to prosper and improve, in return allowing the explorers to use the old US Military communications station to track down the Enclave.


Pleasant Side was founded on the border to the Mojave Wasteland with New California, allowing settlers from Shady Sands, to expand NCR territory, and improve internal agriculture, including opening a Sandcrete mine to gather the Sandcrete for construction in California, whilst also sending the harvest of the newly grown crops back to California. The town, located near an old airstrip, formerly known as the Farlane Airfield, they also came across the remains of a US Military communications station, Bernard Dillinger, a former NCR ranger, deciding to hide the access codes within his Office for safe keeping.

NCR Pleasant Side Town Trading Offices

Pleasant Side Town Hall

The Town prospered for 3 years time, with little trouble from raiders or the local wildlife, however, in 2235, an Enclave scouting party came across the Town, and opened fire on the NCR garrison and settlers, caught off guard, the town was unable to coordinate a tight defense. Though the Enclave did pull back, the sacking was costly to the populace of Pleasant Side.

A month later, Explorers from Vault 14 arrived in the Town. After seeing the damage done by the Enclave and the ever bolder Coyote population, which occasionally raided the town, the explorers offered assistance to the Mayor, Bernard Dillinger, who directed them to local NCR Captain Carpenter, a less than inspirational figure for the men under his command, who often accused him of taking recreational chemicals such as Jet, though with the assistance of the local NCR fighting force, they successfully fought off the local coyote population and aided with repairs on the water supply, which had unfortunately been tainted by a group of bathing Mole Rats.

The Town eventually began to heal, and gave the Vault 14 explorers the old access codes to the Communications Station, helping the Explorers to search for the Enclave, leading them on the trail to an old Artillery Base in Oregon, Kirkman Artillery Base. Departing and leaving the town, allowing it to heal and prosper, the Town would eventually gain recognition from the NCR and Bernard Dillinger would later enter the NCR Congress as representative from the community.
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