Date of
Created via:Heavy doses of radiation
Height:average length of 143 meters
Status:being worse than an angry deathclaw den

Rattleworms are a type of mutant that inhabit The Green Sands. They are feared by anyone crossing it's habitat for their gargantuan size. It was named after their rattle, which comes from various giant blisters containing the Rattleworm's eggs.


The Rattleworms are rattlesnakes that were caught in the nuking of the Tularosa Basin, where the SIBMC was located. Rattlesnakes that survived the explosion were mutated in size unlike their Alghal counterparts, who maintained their mass. Their rattle has evolved as a bag to keep their eggs in, since the navigation sense of Rattleworms is too malfunctioning to locate a permanent location for them. Rattleworms are still carnivorous and poisonous.

Physical Description


A homage to The Rattleworm made by tribals near The Green Sands.

The Rattleworm is enormous, with various blisters and bumps in it's skin. They keep their eggs in an organic bag at the end of their tail, which shake when moving through the ground. They possess yellow eyes which can be spotted even in the radioactive mist of The Green Sands.


Rattleworms are carnivorous, and will eat any type of meat except for other Rattleworms. Rattleworms do not have difficulty digesting other types of materials, including wood and metal (which makes them very good at destroying ships that may enter The Green Sands).


The Rattleworm can consume anything that stands in it's way, due to its enormous size and acidic venom. Rattleworms are the main cause of ghoul ships disappearing in The Green Sands. Their only weakness is their terrible sense of navigation and location. But this never stopped Rattleworms from becoming the apex predator in The Green Sands.