Red Eye

A sketch of a Red Eye.

Red Eyes were once North American crocodiles, exposure to radiation after the Great War mutated them to a bipedal posture and several other differences. They live in the swamps of the Southern United States, namely the swamps of Louisiana and Mississippi, but are also found in small pockets in other parts of the US, namely the small town of Swallow Hills.


Red Eyes resemble pre-war crocodiles, except they have adapted to moving about on two legs instead of four. They also have more-human like arms, complete with five fingers and long sharp claws. They have powerful tails for swimming through the water, and a set of deadly teeth. Their eyes have also changed to a bright red color, hence where they get their name.


Red Eyes spend most of their time either swimming in the radiated swamps or walking along the river banks in search of food. They can spend hours patiently watching for prey, sometimes days. They are quite fast in the water but slow on land, albeit still faster than a human. After killing prey, a Red Eye will drag its prey to an underground den for later.Males tend to get along better than females, who spend most of their time alone, except during the mating season, which occurs from May through August.


Red Eyes will attack anything they can sink their teeth into, but seem to have a special liking for Mirelurk meat. Red Eyes will chase Mirelurks everywhere just to eat one, and many have been observed fighting to the death over dead 'lurks. Humans have used this to their advantage, using Mirelurks as bait to trap and kill red eyes. Red Eyes don't seem to like eating Humans very much, especially drunken, trigger-happy Swampers, but will eat them if they have no better prey.

Offensive capabilities

Red Eyes have a pair of deadly claws, which can tear through flesh with ease. But their main weapon is a mouth full of very sharp teeth, as their jaws can snap bones in half like twigs and their teeth are designed for ripping flesh off. They also are very fast in the water, and often use their tail to hit and stun prey for a short time.

Defensive capabilities

Red Eyes have tough skin, able to resist many melee weapons and small-arms bullets. They also have an intimidating roar, which causes most creatures to flee immediately. All but the most stubborn and of prey, namely the odd drunken Swampers and strongest of Mirelurks.