River's landing
River's landing
General Information
Location:Eastern Kansas
Population:200 at peak, 31 currently
Notable Individuals:
Notable events:Founding

Tall Hills attack

Current status:Destroyed

A moderate-sized trading post at its height, it would sadly be destroyed by a raider band due to its lack of experience.


The original residents of Leavenworth were killed by the Nuclear blasts and radiation from the bombs targeting Fort Leavenworth, the town would be avoided until a group of scavengers picked through it in early 2119. They returned the next year and established a small trading post in the old community center, taking advantage of the Proto-Rafters that had started to emerge. Growing over time with marriages and reclamation efforts, by 2150 the town had a population of 75 with small farms supporting the trade post, which now sold carved wood pieces along with scrap. Hearing stories from the rafters of raiders, they organized a construction effort and made crude walls from old cars and chunks of concrete.

Never actually facing any raider attacks, however, the population would continue to grow, including one young adventurer and attracted many from nearby areas.


The raiders they had so long avoided finally came in 2275, in the form of the Tall Hill Raiders, who divided their manpower and snuck in through the river, taking the town in a single day. The residents still alive after the initial attack would again cower in their homes when the Tall Hills fell into civil war. They went back to their scavenging roots, until the Fort Luck casino was created when most of the residents relocated there to work in a safer place. Another large group would go to work for Glenwood Chemical Solutions when it started hiring among the locals. The few not hired by either place either farm or scavenge in the untouched parts of the ruins.

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