A Roc watching a human observer.

Rocs are the descendants of golden eagles. They have remained largely unchanged from their ancestors and can be found in Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada.


Rocs look very much like their pre-war ancestors, golden eagles. However, there are a few changes to their appearance. For one, Rocs have grown much longer talons, and have increased in size by a little bit. They also have red patches of feathers, instead of the golden eagle's completely brown coat.


Rocs make their nests along the sides of cliffs, and mate with their partner for life. The parents take turns flying out into the Wasteland in search of food. When they spot prey, they dive bomb it at lightning fast speed. The Roc cuts a deep wound in their target's shoulder or side with their long, deadly talons. They then cease their attack, and follow their prey. They wait for their prey to bleed out, not wanting to waste any energy bring their target down. When their prey finally drops dead, the Roc carries it back to the nest, and shares a bit with its mate, before storing the rest for their unhatched brood.

Some Rocs have been tamed by humans, either raised from birth, or taming a young Roc. Rocs act as faithful companions to their masters, and are very useful, leading their master to kills miles away. Wild Rocs are not aggressive to humans, except when humans threaten their eggs. One man lost his eye attempting to steal a Roc's eggs and several deep wounds in his backside. He was lucky to escape with his life.


Roc's are not picky, and will go for mole rats, bloatflies, giant mantis nymphs, and pretty much anything else they can find. However, they are non-aggressive toward people, even children.

Offensive capabilities

Rocs have a pair of deadly talons, which can cut through flesh with ease. They also have a sharp beak, which they can use to peck at their foe's eyes and any other vulnerable areas. Finally, their heavy wings can be used to violently beat an attacker off.

Defensive capabilities

Rocs often use their wings to throw sand into an attacker's eyes, enabling them to attack or flee. They are very fast, able to fly off before something can catch them.