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Another of the largely abandoned villages of west Texas, Saragosa has been given a new lease on life by a band of raiders.



Saragosa was settled in the late 19th century by horse ranchers, it eventually became an agriculture distribution center with the arrival of a railroad in the 1911. It remained a small town however, with its population hitting its peak of nearly 400 adults in the 1960s before dwindling back down to just under 200. Though heavily damaged by a tornado in the late 1980s, it was rebuilt and remained fairly static all the way until the Great War. Its people mostly died from exposure to fallout in the weeks following the bombs.


Saragosa was picked over by scavengers from nearby communities, but it was largely left alone due to a lack of exploitable resources. This changed in 2279 when a band of outlaws known as the Leaden Fist moved in. Their leader, Knife-Puncher found the old permit permitting a rancher to build a sheltered well on his land. The raiders searched for, and found, the well and discovered that it produced enough clean water to sustain the whole gang. They have since occupied one of the larger houses and scrapped some of the nearby structures to turn their home into a fortress. From here, they plan their raids and store their stash.


The Leaden Fist are the sole occupants of Saragosa, numbering between a dozen and twenty rough men and women. They are named for, and still led by an aging Knife-Puncher, a veteran raider who lost his left hand and forearm to a Deathclaw. He compensates a steel pauldron and vambrace arrangement ending in a weighted gauntlet with blades. His underlings are typical raiders, armed with knives, clubs, and low caliber firearms.


Saragosa is a thin-spread town, arranged in a rough "L" shape. There are a number of fields between the town and I-10 to the south. It's roughly 50 miles west of Fort Stockton.