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“Where I'm from? Well, somewhere, over there...”

Seikks Ottostar is a male Caucasian human living in the Capital Wasteland, 200 years after the Great War. He is not attached to any organization, and instead wanders in the wastes, in the wake of the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101. Seikks is the last surviving member of the Ottostar family, and 7th generation Ottostar since the events of 2077.



Son of Micheal Ottostar and an unknown mother, Seikks was born in 2252 in the outskirts of the downtown D.C. area. A year after his birth, an unknown group of individuals violently attacked the family's encampment and brutally murdered Seikks' mother. Fortunately, Micheal saved his only son and defeated the attackers. With only his father left, Seikks was literally forced to rapidly grow-up, sticking to his father and constantly running from the many hazards of the Capital Wasteland.

In another unfortunate turn of events, Seikks lost his father at the age of 8 after an encounter with a group of Raiders. Micheal succumbed to his wounds after the battle and left his son alone in the merciless wastelands. Thankfully, Seikks already developed repairing skills and craft himself a simple makeshift piece of armor from parts worn by his father. However, since he couldn't carry his father's lifeless corpse, Seikks was obliged to bury him in the vicinity, and effectively hid the burial site near boulders in order to avoid attracting attention.

After this tormenting moment and a few long days surviving in the wastes, Seikks went hastily to Megaton where he had already been in the past during his travels with his father. On hearing the terrible news, residents of the settlement offered the boy a bed in the Common House. Seeing his unique situation, Seikks was seen as the first "permanent" temporary citizen of Megaton.

Life in Megaton

Seikks grew up in Megaton and while learning advanced repair skills from Walter and basic knowledge from the Church of Atom's Confessor like most other children there, he also established relationships among other Megaton residents. The charismatic boy became appreciated by the town and was quickly regarded as a regular citizen. Thanks to his traits, Seikks managed to acquire some kind of respect from other children and often persuaded them into exiting the town's walls to play in the Wasteland.

The wild adventures generally consisted in wondering out in the vicinity of Springvale. Sometimes, Seikks would demonstrate his strength by slaying a bloatfly but the most exciting activity was the spying of merchant caravans or even the raiders based in the old school. However, on a special expedition the group was caught up by two raiders who had effectively trapped them.

That day marked Seikks forever as that was when he first killed another human. The unfortunate raider didn't have the time to finish debating with his companion that Seikks already had stood up and began striking him with a lead pipe. As soon as the fight started the other adult fled back and the group of kids quickly ran away to hide behind a rock. The children were in shock when witnessing the savage and powerful blows the youngster sent into the raider's cranium who was instantly overwhelmed. At the end of the battle, the resulting horror was unimaginable: the corpse of the man had become as pale as the Moon despite the dirt muck and the dark tan of his skin. In the end, Seikks knelt panting over the body of his defeated and headless adversary while his friends all returned to Megaton in tears.

The next day, Seikks came back through the gates exhausted and lifeless but despite his peculiar state of mind, parents were already awaiting explanations for his actions. Seikks argued the best he could but seeing as he had lead other children out of the town's limits, adults insisted on the fact that he be kept inside doing chores for the settlement to prevent him from re-exiting the town with other kids. His reputation as an eloquent young boy quickly faded and he was commissioned with raking brahmin droppings and other various unpleasant activities all day long.

When he turned 18, Seikks was constrained by the town to leave Megaton and he set out once again to roam the wastes. He was a young man with the experience of a 50 year-old wastelander, but with the sense of responsibility of an ill-mannered 10 year-old. Looking back on Megaton's entrance and his old friends, Seikks immediately decided to make his way to Rivet City where he thought he could have his second chance.