Pre-War Manhattan was home to hundreds of buildings and millions of people. In fact, according to records from the United States Census Bureau, the New York island was the most densely packed region in the country, with millions of residents packed onto the 22.8 square mile boro. During business days, the influx of commuters sometimes doubled the amount of people on the island.

In order to compensate for so many people, buildings were built upwards. High-rises and skyscraper began appearing all over the island- particularly in Midtown Manhattan. Manhattan became synonymous with the term ‘skyscraper’, having the largest concentration of them in the entire country. By the turn of the 21st century, dozens and dozens of the massive buildings watched down upon Manhattan, many of them extremely famous around the world- the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the World Trade Center, among others.

What comes up must come down, as the adage goes. When the Great War ended in complete and utter nuclear devastation, Manhattan was pummeled. Identified as the financial and cultural center of America- despite not being the capital of the nation- the boro received the heaviest amount of bombing. Certain protection measures, such as anti-missile defense systems meant to intercept and stop incoming missiles and bombs worked as intended but the total tonnage of payload that the Chinese dropped on Manhattan simply overwhelmed such systems. When the smoke cleared, most of Manhattan was almost totally rubble.

While millions and millions perished, life always has a way of not only adapting, but also thriving. In the years since the Great War, people have re-inhabited the ruins of the island. Known as the Skyscraper Tribes, these wastelanders are a diverse group with only one real commonality- they live in the ruins of the Concrete Jungle. Some are violent while others are peaceful. Some have established small communities are look to reach out to the rest of the world, while others have established small settlements and want nothing to do with the world around them.

Major Skyscraper Tribes

Minor Tribes